Sunday, July 17, 2016

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Never Too Soon to Start

  by Reb Gutman Locks   

Never Too Soon to Start


     This little boy was sitting by the tefillin stand at the Kotel writing a note to Hashem. A few minutes later a religious man from Lakewood NJ came over and began a conversation. He had an infant in a baby buggy and his three or four year old daughter with him.

     When I heard that he was from Lakewood, I said, "You have a major problem in Lakewood."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "I've been told that the children as young as fifth-graders do not want to learn Torah and  are running away from it!"

    "What can we do?"

    "It happens because you teach like this… (I pointed my forefinger at him and shook it as if I was accusing him of something.) Instead of like this… (I held my hands palms up, and looking up at the sky I raised them as if yearning for Hashem.) It is an easy comparison to understand when you see it.

      What I was showing him was that today the Torah is almost always taught only as an obligation, a responsibility, ignoring the spiritual side of it so obviously the kids do not want it.

     Pointing to his small daughter, he asked, "How are you going to teach spiritual understanding to a child like this?"

     "First you have to get it yourself." I answered, "That's the real problem, but if you understand these things and live with them then they are easy to share. But if the adults do not have it there is no way you can teach it to anyone."

     I went on, "Even the smallest children can learn the deepest Torah. But, like everyone else, they learn it on their own level."

     I turned to the little girl, bent over and asked, "Where is Hashem?"

     She smiled and pointed to the sky.

     "Yes, that's right, but what about here, too?" I pointed to the ground.

     She nodded her head, "yes."

     I said very happily, "You're right. Hashem is everywhere!"

     I told her, "Be sure to watch Mommy when she lights her Shabbos candles every week. It is a very special time."

     Children are so honestly simple. Hashem loves their prayers. You should ask your children to pray for you.

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  1. Bless the kiderlach, they are our guarantors!
    Always love your stories and the important mitzvot you do. Tizke to many, many more.


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