Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Leaving the Land

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Leaving the Land


     After learning Torah and making a family in Jerusalem for the past ten years Simcha has decided to return to England and go into the family business. He saw one of my videos and he stopped by the tefillin stand to say hello.

     He had never put tefillin on another Jew before, not once in his entire life. As amazing as this is to me, it is the sad situation with the vast majority of religious Jews. They do not see that since we are commanded to help pick up our fellow's fallen donkey… all the more so, are we to help him pick up his fallen soul.

     He caught on right away. He liked helping. He came back a few times and now is comfortable asking Jews if they have already put on tefillin and bringing them in if they haven't.

     He is leaving in a month. I explained; "You are very fortunate that you have learned how to help Jews with tefillin and to show them how to open their hearts by talking to Hashem. You are leaving the Holy Land and although you do not realize it yet, you are going to miss something very important in your life …the holiness that we can easily experience here. If it were also so readily available in England there would be no motivation for Jews to come live here.

     "But now, thank G-d, you have learned to help another Jew to do a mitzvah and you see how this not only helps them, but it helps you, too. Take this lesson with you. At least once a week, take your tefillin and go out and look for Jews to help. See if you can find a few Jews who do not know enough to put them on themselves. Doing this will allow you to take with you some of the holiness that we have here."

     Learning the mitzvah of helping others to do a mitzvah has saved his spiritual life. At least, if he will follow up on it, it has. And doing this will affect his daily outlook, and this uplifting change will also spread to his family. Fortunate fellow.




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