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Jewish High School Kids

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

Jewish High School Kids


     "Yosef and I go on mivtzoyim [Torah outreach] weekly to a Jewish high school.

     We put tefillin on the boys and encourage the girls to light candles. We also encourage them to marry Jews.

     This week we were asked by a girl why she can't wear a yarmulke [Jewish head covering], tzitzit [fringes], or tefillin.

     How would you respond to this?"


Gutman's response:

     First thing is for you and Yosef to learn what happens when a Jewish girl lights a Shabbos candle; how it is a "time of favor" and what this means, how she can take advantage of this. You should be able to explain what happens when she brings this spiritual light into the world, the nature of this light, and what it does. Also, you should have Shabbos lighting kits with you to share with them. Then, they will not feel so left out.

     Next, I would show them my video on this subject. They probably have e-phones in their pockets so they can see it right when they ask.

     Keep up your good work. There is no way to estimate how many Jewish lives you are helping, what your kindness will bring. For one thing, there will be more Jewish families in the world because you cared enough to go out and help.


The Jewish Woman

The Jewish Woman 

1 comment:

  1. Very good advice, but why didn't you answer the naive question of why women don't wear kippot?

    The kids today are so indoctrinated with women being the same as men that they don't realize even the absurdity of their questions. You can't blame them, but it should be made clear to these young people that men are men and women are women and each has his/her own role in life. There is no superiority or inferiority to either but own different roles in life. The woman is usually superior spiritually than the man but this mixing up of roles is one of the worst things to have happened, not only to the Jewish people, but to humanity itself.


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