Thursday, June 02, 2016


We’ve Been Warned–We’re HATE/ANTI !


Google AdSense - Policy Violation!

“Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on sites with content advocating against any individual, group, or organization.”

This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies.

Violation explanation

​HATE/ANTI: While Google believes strongly in the freedom of expression, we also recognize the need to protect the quality of the AdSense network for users, advertisers, and publishers.  As such, Google does not allow the monetization of hate speech or any other content that is intended to insult, offend or intimidate an individual or group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.  This includes, but is not limited to content that:

  • uses derogatory racial or ethnic slurs to refer to an individual or group
  • encourages violence against women or men
  • contains racist or homophobic drawings or cartoons.

Example Page – (from 2010) When Islam Won

A few comments…

1. Radical Islam – THEY WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED.  Naming and threatening Jews and Israel is not only fair game, it’s proper practice.  Naming and threatening christians is also open season.  We predicted Islam would become a protected class, since liberal and Western ideology does not allow for a conflict with a religion, therefore the religion as the source of the conflict MUST NOT BE NAMED.  But have no doubt, this no longer subtle form of censorship in the public form not only has chilling effects, it empowers the radical hate jihadi elements of THE RELIGION THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED.


2. The page itself does not appear to be a Mystical Paths original, and the graphics certainly were “borrowed” from other sites.  If I had to guess (and I have to because I don’t have notes in many cases), I’d probably say we “borrowed” the content to comment on it (an occasional action in those blogging days of the distant past) from Sultan Knish (but that’s just a guess).  Some content in those days was borrowed with permission and some with attribution, and in a few cases we were given long term permission to “borrow at will”.  Blogging was more relaxed back then.

3. Google is a private company and can set any policies they like.  If I believe in free expression (and I do), then they have that right.  The problem is that by offering their free services such as Blogger where this blog is hosted, and monetization programs such as AdSense that control 90% of Internet ad monetization, they’ve become equivalent to the Public Square and a Public Utility – where their choices affect the public discourse.  If Google declares RADICAL ISLAM IS HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED then, as they control this utility space and what has become a significant portion of the public square, then they directly affect the speech PERMITTED by choosing their limits. 

4. Being we only earn popcorn money from AdSense, we’re not seriously affected.  If we had 100 times the traffic, we would be running to comply and remove the Google Terms Offending Article rather than lose our income stream.  That’s reality.

In the end, I post this just to BE AWARE that Google has declared Radical Islam THEY WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED (at the risk of losing your ad revenue stream).


  1. Guess all that's left are the Jews. You can spew anything you want against 'them'.

    Democracy seems to have left the planet and we've gone backwards at least a few hundred years. These are sure signs that Moshiach is around the corner and, hopefully, he comes very speedily.

  2. The liberal mindset boggles the mind, but that's to be expected from those who don't believe in moral absolutes.

    Liberals say, "One must tolerate everything except intolerance!"

    See the problem? By not tolerating intolerance, one immediately becomes intolerant and intolerance can't be tolerated!

    It reminds me of the Liar's Paradox as seen in the original Star Trek series, season 2, episode 8, entitled, "I, Mudd."

    This is why humanism and liberalism will never prevail. One needs moral absolutes.


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