Wednesday, June 01, 2016

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Kosher–Don’t Eat Cancer! (graphic!)

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths
Kosher is a Jewish religious standard.  One part of the religious rules of kosher involves which animals can be eaten (animals with split hoofs who chew their cud – meaning cow, sheep, goat), how they must be slaughtered (humanely with a razor sharp slicing of the throat for instant death), and that the animal being slaughtered is HEALTHY.

Healthy is defined as an animal that will NOT die within the year, as described as a series of illnesses found after slaughter.  Here’s some examples…

Hole in Cow Stomach due to a NAIL (which caused a large infection and scarring on the outside of the stomach).  This cow is NOT KOSHER.



This is an adhesion in a very young cow lung.  An adhesion that can be separated from the lung and chest wall is kosher, one that perforates the lung or can’t be separated means this cow is NOT Glatt Kosher.

Or to phrase this another way, IF THE COW HAS A LUNG TUMOR, it’s NOT (Glatt) KOSHER.


And here are cow lungs with black spots.  As in cancer or emphysema.  The meat industry says “beach it away with peroxide”.  The kosher industry says…cow with disease is NOT (Glatt) Kosher!


So if you prefer to avoid eating sick cows, buy Glatt Kosher meat.  That's NOT why religious Jews eat only kosher, we do so because G-d said so.  But it's a nice side benefit.


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