Friday, June 17, 2016


Help Him Out–Update

imageA little over a week ago we wrote about our friend and former co-blogger Rabbi Nati, who is now homeless and struggling to start a new job in Hungary, and asked for your help.

We quickly reached over 70% of the the goal in getting him in a stable situation, and wired him the money today!  Your generosity is fantastic, may Hashem bless you greatly!  Here’s a few words from Rabbi Nati…

I just came from Israel embassy in Budapest, just to get one paper certified just cost me $685, so I'm now broke.  I needed apostle on my papers, it is a huge rip off that government services are being sold at such high prices.  The US embassy charged for this for my birth certificate at $50.  These are the things that hurt me as I was unaware and unprepared for these costs.

Thank G-d I'm good food and rent until the end of June, and have a public transportation pass until 28 June. 

I just found out that to translate my papers is another 43,000 huf, another $160.  These are all the surprise expenses of trying to start up in a new place.  G-d willing, it will be easier after I'm approved.

I need $800 a month to get by here, and after I get all the papers approved and start the job I should be making $1600.  But that’s 3 months from now.  Now I’m off to get health insurance for $200 per month. 

imageOf course, I was on the street and now have a bed and a job waiting – so it’s forward progress.  Working through the government offices, going to shul (synagogue), learning and keeping the Shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish law) each day.  All I can do is be a jewel wherever I am.  Only this is the path to reality for today.   Tomorrow, who knows?  It’s all in the hands of Heaven.

(picture – my basic sleeping quarters, a small rented room.  But trust me, it’s MUCH better than sleeping in a compact car for 2 months.)

About language, well reading is ok because I saw it as a child since my mother is from Hungary, understanding is harder and I speak even less.  It’s like a Scifi story where you  wake up in strange land.  But Google translate is great when you just speak to it.  I hold the phone up to someone and they speak and we laugh at it as it often doesn’t quite make sense.  English is heard here, but it’s rare.  Not like Israel where the  majority of Israelis have learned some level of English in school.  And there are a number of Israelis here!  Just today I gave directions to some Israeli tourist.

Baruch Hashem, I just met an old man who as seen me a few times on my way or coming back from shul.  He noticed that my arm had marks on it from wearning tefillin.  He came up to me and smiled and said he is a Jew.  He said its been more than 35 years since he told anyone that.  So you see, wherever and whatever G-d sends you there is a reason – perhaps giving this neshama a chance to remember he is a Jew was one of mine.

THANK YOU to someone who wired me money directly from England.  The timing was perfect as it made sure I had some money in hand for meals for the week.

(picture – a table to learn on.  What a privilege when you’ve had none.)


Good Shabbos to everyone!  I miss you guys – unfortunately (or in some ways fortunately) I’ve only got internet and therefore communications access via public wifi in the public transportation stations.  So it’s just a few minutes to write a few short messages or send a picture.

Thank Hashem for each and every blessing!  For, G-d forbid, in a moment one can lose their job, their home, their car, their furniture, their seforim (Torah books), everything up to and including the clothes on their back!  Just to have a chair to sit in, a bed to sleep on, what a blessing!

Thank you and bless you, each and every one who helped however they could.  Anyone else who can help or who can do a bit more to keep me able to sleep in a bed and have a daily meal until (G-d willing) my authorization to work comes through and my new job starts, please do help!

Here’s how you can help:  Donate via Paypal, or if you are willing to do an international bank transfer, email me and I can forward you Rabbi Nati’s bank information in Hungary.

DONATE VIA CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL right here, right now!

If you don’t have a Paypal account, when you click on the link look for this on the bottom left and click Continue…


May Hashem bless you abundantly for helping!


  1. what job is he there for? I donated!

  2. If an unemployed Noachide like me can help, then I'm sure there are others who can match my measly $50. I'm not doing this for a reward from HaKodesh Baruch Hu. Rabbi Nati is a mensch and he needs help. That's reason enough to help.

    I know all about those hidden government fees having had dealings with the government in the Philippines. To be sure, they get you coming and going! I remember flying out of Manila with $3 to my name with my credit cards maxed out, because I'd been dinged with unexpected charges along the way.

    Let's all do what we can to help, because HaKodesh Baruch Hu obviously has something important for Rabbi Nati to do there. It's bad enough that he lost all his soferim. That alone gives magnitude to his presence in Hungary and show us how urgently HaKodesh Baruch Hu needed Rabbi Nati to get there. Heavenly willing Rabbi Nati'll double and triple the size of his former personal library!

  3. Thanks for the donations - the money has been sent. Anonymous, I don't think it's appropriate to share the job, but it's for the Jewish community.

  4. Any news on how Rabbi Nati is doing?


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