Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Who’s Next?

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Who's Next?


     There was one other boy who did not get in the picture…in more ways than one.

     We were all standing together after they had taken off the tefillin and I asked the boy who was not in the picture if he had put on tefillin.

     "No. But I'm okay."

     "But come put on tefillin. You're a Jew. You didn't come here to just look at the stones. You came to try to have a spiritual experience."

     "No. I'm Okay."

     "But, you could be better."

     "I'm okay."

     He was standing to my left and the other boys were to my right. I turned to them and said;

     "There are three things that you have to do in life or else you are going to be miserable."

     That line always gets their interest up.

     They asked, "What are they?"

     "One; You have to find out how you are supposed to serve your Creator. He put you here for a reason. Two; you have to help to make the world a better place, and in exchange you have to be paid enough to live a comfortable life.  And number three, you have to marry a Jewish girl and make a Jewish family. If you will work on these three things throughout your life you will be happy and successful."

     I looked back at the boy who refused to put on tefillin.

     "Would you marry only a Jewish girl?"


     "That's the problem!" I yelled. "Not that you refuse to put on these black boxes, but that you do not care if your own people survive! This is exactly what our enemies throughout the ages have always wanted. No more Jews in the world."

     I looked back at the boys who did put on tefillin.

     "I see this happen all the time. The Jewish boys who come here from America, if they refuse to put on tefillin they do not care if they marry a Jewish girl or not."

     I looked at them with the great love that I feel for them and said,

     "You are our future. The guys with the grey beards leave this world first and that means that our future is dependent only upon you."

     Their guide ran up and said, "We have to go," and moved them onto the next stop in their tour.

     Did the boy who refused to put on tefillin change? Not that I could see... not at all. And the boys who did put on tefillin? From the looks on their faces I would say that they took every word I said to heart.

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