Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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Spiritual Light & Sefiras HaOmer

by Reb Aharon Rubin, author of Eye to the Infinite at

Some thoughts on the days of Sefiroh..

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imageWhen spiritual light enters and then withdraws, it creates a reshimu, an imprint, which is the beginning of the forming of a vessel. This is the secret of the light that entered each and every one of us on the first night of Pesach, and then withdrew. This light is symbolised by the word Ohr spelt thus:




This is gematriah 3 times 72, the secret of the Name of Chessed that was used at Krias Yam Suf (- also gematriah, with its 3 letters, ליל פסח).

But this vessel was only the general outline with no detailed expression. All that was left was the aleph of ohr, which we use to subdue the tempestuous ‘blood’ (דם) of the human condition, thus creating O-dom.[1] This is the secret of sefiras hoOmer, ‘omer’ gematriah 7 times odom, corresponding to his seven attributes - midos.[2]

The word middoh means both measure and attribute, because each attribute is a measure of the soul’s light. Hence Sefiras HoOmer starts with the bringing of the korban hoOmer, an offering of barley – se’orim. The word se’orim שערים has the same letters as she’arim – gates, and the root me-sha’er, to estimate. This is because, as the holy Ari zal explains, this korban represents the keli, the vessel to the light.

[1] זרע קודש

[2]- דרוש ספה"ע שער הכוונות


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