Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Speak Softly and Don’t Get Us Killed!

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Speak softly to be heard over the din (english word, not hebrew word).  G-d speaks “in a soft still voice”.  Shouting, loud rhetoric…it’s all chevel chevailim, vanity and nothingness!  Ego!  When your ego fills the room,, there is no room for anyone else…not even (or especially not) G-d.


We do not expend the press to speak softly – such miracles do not exist in this world!  Nor do we expect modesty, that would be the antithesis of what they do.  But we do take issue with the Israeli news when they have the chutzpah to #1 Make their Opinion the headline, #2 Presume to the tell the world what to do, #3 Tell the Nation of Israel what to do, when their advice would at the least put our son’s lives at risk (via the IDF) or put the country itself at existential risk – risking all our lives,

Here they recommend that Israel start to take direct action against Syria, putting Israel in active war with Syria, ISIS, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.  The situation in Syria is horrific, with far too many civilians caught in the crossfire.  But there is no way Israel can tiptoe through that minefield without getting badly bloodied…at best. 

Contain your bleeding heart and your big mouth before it gets our children killed.  If YOU, Mr. Op Ed Writer, want to take action, YOU are welcome to fly to Kurdistan and see if they can smuggle you the YKP where YOU can join the fight against Syria and ISIS and Iran while getting bombed by Russia.  Or if you’re not a person of such direct action, YOU can send them a check (search for #TwitterKurds on Twitter for info from the Kurdish rebels in northern Syria).

But leave the rest of Israel out of it.  It will be a miracle if Israel doesn’t get drawn in, and it might be World War III and the End Times prophecies if it does.


  1. Akiva, it is well documented that Israel is actually heavily involved in Syria since 2011. It is also well documented that the CIA created, trained and supplied "ISIS" in northern Jordan with the help obviously of the Jordanians and yes, the Israeli military. It is debatable that the gov't of Israel was talked into by the Obama administration or coerced. You recall the Druzim knew this when they stopped the ambulances from bringing "rebel" fighters to our hospitals. This "ISIS" is the proxy army of the CIA, the American regime. The military industrial complex is destroying the entire middle east and using the useful Islamic idiots to bring their goals to fruition. Sadly what goes around comes around and we will not come out of this unscathed. Assad, as nasty as he can be had this brought onto him by a proxy army because he refused to allow a pipeline from Saudi to Europe. Since he is a very popular and was re-elected by the citizens of his country, it is complete ego and arrogance from the foreign invaders who take down (as they try to do to us also)countries that will not obey their agenda. As humanity regresses, it is hell bent on destroying everything they touch. God help us.

  2. Agree with above commenter.


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