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by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Somehow over the last 10 years much of the Western World, but especially the United States, has become moral-phobic, anti-moral, anti-ethics.  One may no longer espouse, particularly in public – and in some cases it actually being an investigable crime…

- Belief in G-d

- Belief in Biology

- Belief in Patriotism

- Belief in Law and Order

One can be compelled by law in some jurisdictions to violate any beliefs one may have in the above – especially in the United States and Great Britain.

How did we get to the point that standing for anything remotely normal, and not accommodating the 2% or now the 0.1% by requiring the violation of the morals of everyone else is required?

But it’s not enough, it’s never enough.  Now every strangeness, every fetish, every weirdness, ever aberration must not only be tolerated, be accommodated, it must be ADVERTISED – EMBRACED – ACCEPTED BY ALL…

- Woman says she is cat trapped in human body - lives as cat.

- Men who live as dogs – “we’re just the same as anyone else”.  (some adult topic references)

- The secret world of people who live in (cartoon like) animal costumes (this link discusses very adult topics)

- Man chooses to live as goat.  “My goal was to take a holiday from the pain and worry of being a self-conscious being”

None may speak against any extreme.  No limits, no standards, no morals.  None may not be accepting, none may avoid dealing, everyone must teach their children that each and every action is not just acceptable – it’s normal.

To speak against is to be phobic, dangerous, it’s to incite to violence.  One can no longer stand for even basic biology!

Society has come to a very dangerous place…but it’s also a place of wealth and collapse.  Only a society of extreme wealth can tolerate such things, but by tolerating and even forcing acceptance they cause breakdowns which begin the collapse of the society.

(Updates to add the goat story and change “being” to “begin” in the last sentence.)


  1. Not a happy camperMay 29, 2016 11:23 AM

    Dear Rabbi Akiva, I think there's a tiny type-o in the last sentence - it should be "begin," rather than "being." Metathesis happens to the best of writers. That said....

    You're absolutely correct! However, let's keep in mind that "everything is in the hands of Heaven except the fear of Heaven" (Ber. 33b) and even in this we must parrot the words of the great Tanna, Nachum Ish Gamzu, who says like this, "Gam zu l'tovah!"

    So, rather than giving into weltschmerz, a condition that is the bane of my miserable existence on this planet, the person seeking to perfect their emunah should simply brush-off mankind's penchant for rejecting any and every moral code that claims to be absolute.

    It's an election year in the US, so every petty social issue under the sun, ranging from abortion to xenophobia, will come to the fore. Why? Well, how else can the powers-that-be keep the great unwashed divided and underfoot? It's important to maintain the illusion of freedom, especially where freedom of choice is concerned!

    Moralists and immoralists will forever be at each other's throats. Indeed, it could be argued that the survival of moralists requires that they coexistence with immoralists; and the survival of immoralists depends on the existence of moralists, especially those they can exploit. It's a fairly symbiotic relationship.

    If Ha-Shem were all that concerned about the present state of things, then we'd see Him empowering one side over the other, but that's not what I see happening. If anything, it seems like Ha-Shem is more concerned with enriching and empowering the immoralists! So, the only way to accomplish tikkun olam is by focusing on one's own tikkun nefesh.

    R. Khayim Halberstam of Tzanz says like this, "In my younger days, I wanted to bring all human beings to repentance; later, when I realized that this was impossible, I wished to bring my home town to piety, but I did not succeed; so I decided to try this on the members of my household; I soon realized that this was also impossible, so I decided to seek for myself alone a way to repentance, and even in this I have not been successful."

    As for the immoralists? The Baal Shem Tov says like this, "Even in sin there are sparks of light, which repentance can cause to shoot forth."

  2. And nude performances in Yerushalayim??

  3. Not a happy camperMay 29, 2016 12:36 PM

    I wrote, " If anything, it seems like Ha-Shem is more concerned with enriching and empowering the immoralists!"

    I should have placed more emphasis on the word "seems," because I certainly don't mean to say that Ha-Shem is actually enriching and empowering the immoralists. Surely, Ha-Shem only "seems" to be enriching and empowering criminals, vacuous celebrities, Amalekites, Edomites, and Jew hating Ishmaelites. It only "seems" that way, because we're told that Ha-Shem makes it to rain upon the just and the unjust, right? So, He must be enriching and empowering both the moralists and the immoralists equally, right? Still, I don't know of many billionaire orthodox Jews and I've never heard of a multi-millionaire Noahide. Perhaps I'm just not privy to the Big Picture. ::::heavy sigh::::

  4. Not Happy - thanks for the correction.

  5. Add to this the phenomenon which I am ambivalent and puzzled by, the Miss (women) Trans 2016 Contest that merited a nice long article and picture in the Jerusalem Post. Who is this new editor? Why is that newsworthy? They want to be accepted as ‘normal’. Like you wrote, ‘normal’ as it once was is punishable now. Oh my, Oh my!

  6. Did not our Sages foretell that the end of days the world and many Jews would be at the lowest level? We are very close to Moshiach's arrival and hate to think how much lower the world can still sink to. We are all being tested! We should put much emphasis on passing.

  7. Not a happy camperMay 30, 2016 1:34 PM

    Dear Anonymous, I think R. Akiva said it all when he wrote, "Now every strangeness, every fetish, every weirdness, ever aberration must not only be tolerated, be accommodated, it must be ADVERTISED – EMBRACED – ACCEPTED BY ALL."

    Give it another fifty years and the vast majority of people living in First World countries will forsake intimate human relations and cleave to their sex-robots. Give it an additional fifty years and one will be able to download a facsimile of their consciousness into said sex-robots. And with the advances in genetics, we'll probably live to see the politics of eugenics once again rear its ugly head.

    All of this will lead mankind into a new age of idolatry, sexual immorality, and murder. The Three Cardinal Sins will become the Three Cardinal Virtues. "Forget about the Deity! Become an immortal! Have as many sex-bot partners as you like! Cull the human herd and let us be rid of the dregs of lower-class society!"

    The dystopian prophets of science fiction have been warning us about this for well over a century. And people wonder why I suffer from weltschmerz?

    Further, waiting for HaMelech HaMoshiach to fix all of our problems isn't the answer. In fact, Rabbi Hillel said: "There is no messiah for Israel for he was consumed in the time of Chizkyahu" (Sanh. 99a). The Abarbanel explains that the Merits of the Fathers were used up in performing a miracle in Chizkyahu's day. Therefore, Klal Yisrael will not merit having an Anointed King. Instead, they will only be given an Anointed Prince, (probably the head of the Sanhedrin of Seventy-One), whom the Nations will regard to be a king.

    I'm pretty sure that Ha-Shem and Ha-Shem alone will bring about the Redemption without a human messenger. Why? What's our record with listening to "Heaven sent" human messengers? We're not exactly batting a thousand are we!? Forget about the Nations! Forget about the Hasidim (Noahides) of the Nations! How many Jews embrace the basic teachings of the Baal Shem Tov? I'm pretty sure it's not 14+ million. And I'm suppose to believe that a Jewish Superman is going to change all this and accomplish tikkun olam all by himself? With what? A snap of his fingers? I don't buy it.

    If we fail to accomplish tikkun nefesh and tikkun olam, then it can only be brought about by Ha-Shem Himself. Rebbe Schneerson did say that we're suppose to be the co-working partners with Ha-Shem in the creation, right? Then what's holding us back? (And this is where I spiral into another depression). ::::heavy sigh::::

  8. To Not a Happy Camper - where are you getting your twisted information from? Don't believe you are Jewish, even with all the Hebrew words and verses mixed in your writing.

    You have turned the Torah upside down! Maybe that is why you are Not a Happy Camper.

  9. Dear Rav Akiva,

    Here's my comment to your great post (and the one after it as well). It was one of those that kept getting bigger and bigger, so I had to post it myself. Nebuchadnezzar's Transformation: History Repeating on a Grand Scale?

    Hope you & your readers enjoy it.


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