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​   by Reb Gutman Locks



     I was walking down the stairs by the Kotel to go for mincha (afternoon prayers). I noticed this unusual looking man having his picture taken while he was touching the big mezuzah (scroll) that is attached to the tunnel entrance. He was wearing a kipa (head cover) and tzitzis (religious fringes), but he did not look Jewish, not at all. I wondered if he was a ger (convert) or maybe an overly enthusiastic Ben Noah (a righteous gentile who keeps the 7 Commandments of Noah).

      About an hour later he walked by the tefillin stand and I asked,

     "Where are you from?"


     "What's your name?"


     "Are you a convert?"


     "You're not Jewish, are you?"


     "A Ben Noah?"

     "What's that?"

     "A righteous gentile who keeps the Commandments of Noah."

     "No. I'm messianic."

     That explained it all. A "messianic" is a gentile who believes that yushka was the moshiach (messiah). They try to mix the little bit they have read about Judaism with x-ianity. There is no way to change their belief… well not on the spot, but you can give them information that later, when they are ready, when a few more challenges come to their irrational beliefs will help them to move away from that foolishness.

     "Let me ask you a question. You read the Bible, right?"

      He nodded, yes.

     "In the Bible it says that the messiah has to be from King David's tribe. That's the tribe of Judah."

      He nodded that he agreed.

     "And the Bible clearly says that the tribes go by the father; whatever tribe a Jew's father is from, that Jew is also from that tribe."

      He was okay with that… until the next sentence.

     "Now who was your messiah's father? I read your book. It wasn't anyone from the tribe of Judah."

    They believe that yushka was born from a virgin mother, that there was no man involved, that his mother was impregnated by the "holy ghost"!

    "There are no ghosts in the tribe of Judah!"

    "You gave me something to think about," and he turned and walked away.      

     Almost always, when a x-ian is challenged he walks away.

     The truly sad thing about them is that they really want to do good, but someone has sold them a bill of counterfeit information.

     I made a video of me being interviewed by a Pastor. It has been uploaded onto a number of channels, some with Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and even Serbian subtitles. On the combined channels it has received well over 2 ½ million views. It will show you how to answer the missionaries.

Answers to a Pastor 



  1. You both are doing a chillul haShem actually. Though the messianic believes in the 180 degree opposite of what the historical messianic movement was (opposition sadducee's who used only the Tanach), you yourself do not stand up for a Jew whos teachings were 1000% in line with the Tanach. You wont stand up for truth actually in this matter. We have a duty as Jews to right this wrong. There is no problem in halachah to believe that a Torah observant Jew was the messiah ben Yosef. In doing so, what is the real problem, the real problem is that if he was like many believed throughout history including the small number at the time he was alive, is that he was NOT a pharisaical practicing Jew. He was a strictly Tanach practicing Jew, an opposition Sadducee. So its a catch 22 for the rabbinates, they cannot tell the truth about a historical movement in Judaism, they cannot tell the truth about Yehoshua, why, because it completely shows that if we are to follow the "messiah" and his teachings means to not follow the rabbinical system. Remember one thing, he will reincarnate some day. I hope he has more sympathy on us then we have on him. What is to come has already been, hope you all can handle that coming judgement.

  2. Reb Gutman, kol hakavod, yasher ko'ach. Keep on keepin' on, versus the missionaries and messianics -- whether they be near the Kotel, in the Comments section, or wherever.

    Chag same'ach, v'Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Don't you worry Maoz, I know the lies that Gutman push and those of Singer also. There is nothing wrong with taking down the counterfeit lie of the mangod J*sus, but they will not defend a kosher Torah Jew from slander either. They are just as guilty as the xtians, not one bit better.

  4. I'm Jesus and I approve this message. Btw, where can I get a deal on toilet paper? I need lots!

  5. You really shouldn't print Shilo's comments. He is either a Karaite or a messianic; wherever he posts, it is always against the Torah B'al Peh!

    He does not accept our Torah as given by Moshe Rabbeinu on Har Sinai; both the Written and Oral Laws. In other words, he does not believe in Torah but in the non-Jewish Bible.

  6. Dear Reb Gutman, you're such a good man, even your name proclaims it!!

    But... how long are you still going to tolerate the messianic blabbering of a certain commentator here, who uses your holy page to propagate his silliness about a certain "historical jew"??

    I've been reading your blog for many years - perhaps 8 or more, and this same person comes here repeating the same utter nonsense day after day, year after year!!

    I'm not trying to censor anyone, but -- as you said indeed "There is no way to change their belief".

    I beg you please, please!! do us a favor (and yourself too) and erase all his heretical comments from your website!!

    BTW, you don't need to publish my comment if you prefer not to.

    See you in J'lem soon B"H!!.

    R. Halevy
    Rio de Janeiro till May 9, Ramle from May 10 on.

  7. למען דעת על עמי הארץ.
    כי ה' הוא האלוקים
    Until there is Daas (rational understanding and not just faith alone) the nations will struggle with this

  8. Oh and if ever challenged on the Oral Traiditon that they presumably don't follow, where did they get Tzitzis from???

  9. What is comical is that people don't know factual history but rely tradition. We can disagree with a movement as has been done throughout history but the calls for censoring, the ad hominem, the continual slander is certainly not coming from truth but from fear. Fear of being lied to, fear of the truth. That messianic movement which was led by James, the brother of J#sus, was the leader of all the opposition movements that in fact fought the Romans. They were the Jews at Qumran, at Masada are all from the same movement. They are certainly kosher but why is the leader not kosher and his brother who was murdered earlier not kosher. Is it our guilt? Is it because a truth was told about us that we refuse to listen to. As was then, will be today. The prophets offend us, anyone who tells the truth and uncovers the lies of tradition is also offensive. Prove it wrong with facts, not censorship and more lies. Remember this, reincarnation, it will haunt us until we rectify the wrongs, including the lies of Esav.

  10. In know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I feel compelled to reiterate the following teaching from Judaism:

    "There are three partners in man … his father supplies the … substance out of which are formed the child's bones, sinews, nails, brain and the white in his eye. His mother supplies the … substance out of which is formed his skin, flesh, hair and black of his eye. Ha-Shem gives him the soul and breath, beauty of features, eyesight, hearing, speech, understanding, and discernment. When his time comes to depart this world, Ha-Shem takes His share and leaves the shares of his mother and father with them" – Niddah 31a; cf. She'iltot, Yitro, 56; Leviticus Rabbah 14.5 (on Psalms 27:10).

    That means that Ha-Shem's Spirit is an Agent in the conception and fetal development of each and every children born on this planet! We are all the literal Offspring of Our Heavenly Father! Whether or not we choose to behave like it is another matter.

    The bottom line is that each and every woman on this planet is overshadowed by Ha-Shem's Spirit during the conception of their children.

    The Xtian doctrine of parthenogenesis is their absurd way of getting around the fact that the historical man in question was the biological offspring of Miriam and Yosef! Why can't they accept that this man is the biological offspring of Yosef? Because Yosef is a descendant of Melech Y'kan'yah (King Jeconiah) and "no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah"(Yirmeyahu 22:30). So, the Xtians altered their belief and their writings accordingly.

  11. Cannot understand why you allow all this blas;phemy on your fine blog.
    Not accepting Torah she'al Peh together with Torah she'bchtav is pure heresy.

  12. For the less spiritually and more scientifically minded, who doubt that Ha-Shem's Spirit plays any role in the conception of each and every child on this planet, I offer an excerpt from the following article, which isn't meant to be proof that Ha-Shem exists, but is merely an interesting conjecture:

    The spark of life: Science and the Bible meet again
    By Michael Guillen Ph.D. - Published May 01, 2016

    For me, images released recently by Northwestern University scientists of tiny light flashes signaling the moment of human conception are evocative of a larger, cosmic-sized truth espoused by both science and the Bible. Namely, the creation of the universe itself – the mother of all moments of conception – was likewise marked by an explosion of light.

    According to their article in Scientific Reports, the Northwestern researchers collected immature human eggs from willing female patients at the Fertility Center of Illinois – eggs that would have been discarded in the normal course of the patients’ fertility treatments. The researchers used special chemicals to mimic the moments of conception – the law forbidding them to use actual sperm. In each case, they discovered, the decisive moment was accompanied by a small burst of zinc atoms. The eruptions appeared as flashes of light because of fluorescing agents used by the scientists.

    According to science – at precisely a moment of conception known as recombination & decoupling – an incomprehensible outburst of light accompanied the creation of hydrogen and helium, the first atoms of the embryonic cosmos. To this day, the dim afterglow of that seminal light – the so-called cosmic microwave background – is visible to certain kinds of powerful telescopes.

    According to inflation and big bang theories, it didn’t end there. Hydrogen atoms eventually began to fuse, the way they do in a hydrogen bomb, and – voila! – once again, in a flash of light, the first stars came into being. They, in turn – like colossal stoves – cooked up the heavier elements known to us today. Including the zinc atoms that explode, like fireworks, every time a human being is conceived.

    I find it notable that the Bible agrees with science that the universe was conceived in a paroxysm of illumination – I imagine, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. According to Genesis 1:3, that event happened at exactly the moment God uttered the immortal words, “Let there be light.”


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