Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Just a Poor Poor Arab in Israel

My neighborhood in Israel is undergoing significant construction…as in full new neighborhoods, streets, condo buildings, schools, parks, the whole works. 

The majority of the construction workers are Arabs, “Palestinians” if you will, from the West Bank.  They are forced, forced I tell ya, to take high paying construction jobs in Israel versus low paying jobs in their cities (pay rates 2-4x higher).  After being forced to make 4x the money, they have the horror of a commute from their town to the work site in Israel, a commute which may take 2 hours including significant time for a security check – to make sure they’re not bringing explosives or guns to try to kill Jewish co-workers, bosses, or nearby civilians.  Of course the Israelis have thrown in such checks just to hassle the workers…not because workers in the past have actually brought explosives and blown people up, guns and shot people, and knives and stabbed people (this actually happened in my neighborhood 2 months ago).

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Our friendly worker here is not worried about being stabbed or shot, since (with a few rare disturbed exceptions which are NOT ok) Jewish Israelis aren’t randomly attacking Arabs.  He’s not worried about being blown up, unless one of his co-commuters has decided to commit a terrorism act and has a premature detonation.  He may stop and pray, and has no concern that his Islamic prayer will be interrupted or attacked while he’s in a Jewish majority area – even an ultra-religious one.

His only real concern, besides a long commute which isn’t so different of many living in the New York Tri-State area, is for job site safety.  And there, at least, if an injury occurs he can feel comfortable knowing that an Israeli ambulance will be quickly dispatched and he will receive the same level of care as anyone else in Israel – and will not have to pay for it.

Our poor poor Arab may feel upset that he has to work in Israel because his local community has not developed a functional economy (he should complain to his local politicians – oh wait, that could be life threatening in PLO territory), or that he won’t be living in the neighborhood he’s building (is this any different from the New York construction workers that built Trump Tower?), or that the Jews he sees moving in are smiling, raising their families, and turning the buildings into a community (too much propaganda telling his people that they’re owed something and have to KILL, while the Jews BUILD).

Yet our poor poor Arab is richer than many of his brethren, BECAUSE he as a guest-worker opportunity in a dynamic economy nearby.  This guy seems to appreciate it, and is in my neighborhood to do his job.  Too many, both in his society and overseas, would prefer him to live in a hoven and go hungry IF the Jews could be stopped (from LIVING) in their homeland.

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  1. The real reason these Arabs are doing this is because they plan on living in these neighborhoods after they drive the Jews into the sea - Heaven forbid! - unless, of course, their zealot leadership plans on burning and tearing down these structures in celebration of their victory over the Jews, like they did in Gush Katif. I'm probably wrong. I'm sure they're only motivated by the money they're making.


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