Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Just a few Pics of Jerusalem

Hope you’ll be here…for the korbon Pesach…l’shana ha’ze b’Yerushalayim.

(It’s called “Dovid’s Citadel and is part of Jerusalem’s Old City walls…but it’s really a Crusader fortress later taken over by the Muslims who added a prayer tower.)

2016-03-22 Grandpa Visit 012


Over the last few years, the city has done a nice job of beautifying the Old City Jerusalem walls area, adding a strip of grass park land and small plaza’s.  They get very crowded with people during holidays.

2016-03-22 Grandpa Visit 014


Formerly run down buildings opposite the Old City walls are now hotels or, in this case, an indoor section of the Mamila outdoor mall.  In some cases, such as Mamila, they numbered and photo’d each brick, disassembled the outer building (the façade), removed the old inner building, built a new one, then re-added the ancient façade numbered brick by brick.  In another nearby case (the hotel on the corner), they built a support frame around the front and window openings, then tore the building out behind it, built the new one in it’s place and gently re-attached the façade.  The result from both methods…modern new safe structures with the original look from many hundreds of years ago.

2016-03-22 Grandpa Visit 015


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