Friday, April 08, 2016

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Cure to Spiritual Illness?

A former well known Jewish blogger shares a few tidbits to a select email list.  Here’s his tidbit for today…

כָּל־יְמֵ֞י אֲשֶׁ֨ר הַנֶּ֥גַע בּ֛וֹ יִטְמָ֖א טָמֵ֣א ה֑וּא בָּדָ֣ד יֵשֵׁ֔ב מִח֥וּץ לַמַּֽחֲנֶ֖ה מֽוֹשָׁבֽוֹ

The Tiferes Shlomo explains that this pasuk (13:46) hints to the idea that that practicing hisbodedus (personal Breslev style meditative talking to G-d) is a method to cure spiritual illness…


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  1. Its very nice for Breslev to let us know about Hitbodedus. However, in the early days of yidden 'davening', it was done this way–a pouring out of the heart. Only in later years was a 'formal written way to pray' introduced. Therefore, one can always 'talk to G–D from the heart'. I find it a superior way of communicating from deep within. And now that we are deep within the Geula we should cause a renaissance of 'pouring out one's heart'.

    In fact, when times are tough, the Torah says to "cry out to Hashem".


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