Monday, March 14, 2016

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Saudi, Yemen and the News


In the latest Vice News (not a source I normally turn to), episode “Return to Yemen”, the interpret return to the war in Yemen… between a Yemeni tribe and the central government which morphed into a war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Here we have a Middle Eastern war which is killing an estimated 30,000 civilians a month. The show focused on the slaughter and maiming of women and children in Yemem, via CARPET BOMBING by the Saudi Arabian air force.  An air force who’s weapons are almost exclusively supplied by the United States of America.

The show does not use the word “war crimes” or “indiscriminant bombing”, but does get some of the interviewees to say it.  And these people truly are in a horrific situation, with cities leveled, towns flattened, and neutral infrastructure such as gas stations bombed regardless of whether they’re being actively used by civilians or rebels/militia/military.

What I note is that with 30,000 civilians being killed every month, I don’t hear cries at the U.N., I don’t hear statements at the Security Council, I don’t see news reporters screaming on the nightly news about war crimes.

By the way, I ALSO don’t blame the Saudi’s.  It may be that they can’t discriminate between combatants and non-combatants.  And it may be that the combatants intentionally intermix with the non-combatants.  And that sucks for the civilians…but the Saudi’s are not required to avoid civilian casualties if that’s the situation.  War is not guaranteed to be pleasant.

By the way, the reporter briefly fell into the zone of PROPORTIONAL CASUALITIES as they do when reporting in Israel.  “How can it be that so many are dying when the Saudi’s aren’t?”…as if war is required to be fair and cause equal or proportional casualties on both sides.  It’s the logic of the kindergarten playground.

I don’t understand, why aren’t they screaming at the U.N. about this war?  Why aren’t all the NGO’s rushing to Yemen to help the suffering civilians?  Why isn’t the international media screaming about their cause? 

Can someone explain it to me???

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  1. You really need to ask? As long as it's not Israel, they don't give a hoot even for their own! Israel is the thorn in their sides.


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