Sunday, March 20, 2016


Egalitarian Prayer?

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Egalitarian Prayer?


     "Egalitarian" means Democratic, free, classless, equal, open. So why in the world are the religious Jews in Israel so up in arms against preparing an area next to where we daven to accommodate those who want this kind of prayer?           The government just assigned, or is trying to assign, the area to the south of the current women's side of the Kotel to allow any Jew to pray as he or she desires. So again, why are the religious Jews so strongly against this?

     Let's start with the "Women of the Wall." They, as far as I can see, are the ones who started the current problem. They want to come to the Kotel and daven as they like, i.e. wearing men's prayer shawls and tefillin and reading from Torah scrolls. These have traditionally been men's practices and not women's. But the Conservative Movement allows these things and the women in the Reform movement are not concerned with these because not even the men in that movement wear these full prayer shawls or tefillin.

     These women who come demonstrate at the Kotel do not seem to be trying to accomplish greater love of Hashem and His Torah, but rather are trying to further their political objectives, which appear to be to upset the so-called status quo that the Religious Ministry is under the control of the "Orthodox" Jews.

     A side note: remember, the Orthodox Jews did not originally take the title Orthodox. It was what the Reform Movement began to call the religious Jews who did not agree to their major changes in the Torah. The Reform were "modern" while the old-fashioned religious Jews were "Orthodox."

      The "Women of the Wall" were given by the court an area away from the Orthodox women to pray as they see fit. They did not get this privilege from the ones in charge of the Kotel by causing the disturbances that they do every Rosh Chodesh, but from the court. So they won their objective legally, not by demonstrating, but by hiring a lawyer and going to court. But this is not what they want. They want to change our prayer area! This is obviously unacceptable to the religious community.

     Why is the religious community objecting so vigorously to giving the Reform and such an area of the Kotel? There is the great fear that this will be a foot in the door to the government recognizing the "traditions" of the non-Orthodox.

     What is so wrong with their ideas? To cite just a few of the more obvious problems; the Reform movement teaches that if a person does not have a Jewish mother but does have a Jewish father that person is a Jew. The Torah specifically teaches that the person must have a Jewish mother. What would happen if this became rampant in Israel? It would mean Israel "legalizing" mixed marriages! And the Conservative movement, what is their opinion on this? They have recently "removed their strong objection to inter-dating"!

     This, plus these movements allowing men to marry men, women to marry women, and rabbis to be homosexual…etc… all which the Torah condemns in the most vigorous language will never be acceptable to the Jews who follow the Torah.

     The religious community does not want these and all of the other problems that would come to Israel by recognizing deviant "Jewish" movements.

     What is the solution? Maybe, let them pray in the new area if they like, but the government must be extremely careful not to recognize their religion and then to go on to allow them to have authority in such matters as determining what is Kosher and what is not.

     I am not suggesting that we change their customs. I am insisting that they do not change ours (Israel).



  1. Yosef from the GalilMarch 20, 2016 7:07 AM

    It is easier for Reform and Conservative converts to make aliyah, than it is for "Orthodox" converts. No one is talking about that, either.

  2. It goes to a saying I once heard. What one generation 'tolerates' the next generation will 'embrace'.
    So, once the foot is in the door. There's also the saying, "pushing the envelope".

  3. It's the hypocrisy of leftist intolerance. The same person who expects you to accept their "customs" insists that you must change yours as well.

  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY! This is all part of an agenda! The undoing of Judaism in the Jewish Land. Those who are perpetrating this pure evil are most likely not even Jews themselves. The Reform movement has been a thorn in the side of the Jewish people for the last couple of centuries. Their goal is to water down every aspect of Torah until they (think, of course) finish the job. They can conspire all they want, but it will not help them; this is their war againt G-D Almighty! They should think first at what they are doing and cease before the unleashing of H's Wrath. Those who are Jewish amongst these fools should do teshuvah for their own sakes. No one can win a war against our Creator. Most of the Jews in Israel are against them, and they are a minority who are forcing their will upon the people of Israel. The rabbis must keep up their fight against these radicals!


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