Thursday, March 10, 2016


Can You Prove It?

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Can You Prove It?


     One of the boys working at the tefillin stand brought Alex over; "He says his mother is Jewish."

     "Where are you from?"


     "Is your mother Jewish?"


     "Come, put on tefillin. I'll help you."

     "I can't."

     "Why not?"

     "I'm just coming to Judaism."

     "Wait a minute. Is your mother Jewish?"


     "So what do you mean that you are just now coming to Judaism? We are not a religion we are a people. People go by the mother, so if your mother is Jewish then you are Jewish. Maybe you mean that you are just now coming to keep the commandments, but if your mother is Jewish then so are you."

     "My mother is Jewish. She is from Persia (Iran before the radical Muslim revolution). When the Muslims took over all of the Jews had to flee. She went to Europe and ended up going to school in Switzerland. Her brothers came to Israel and supported her."

    I helped him with tefillin and showed him how to pray in his heart. When we were finished he told me it was his 26th birthday. I told him that he had to marry a Jewish girl. He said that he knew that, and that his girlfriend is Israeli. "She is standing there taking our picture."

     He walked away and a woman tried to get my attention. She sent a guard to ask me to speak with her.

     She wanted to know my name so I could witness for Alex. She is Alex's girlfriend's mother and they are having immense trouble getting the Jewish religious court to accept that Alex is Jewish. "They want papers but all the papers were destroyed when his mother fled Persia."

     I told her to have his mother's grave stone checked, and her mother's gravestone and that might be proof. She was not satisfied.

     "Look, what greater proof do they need than that she had to flee from her home because of the Muslims. Only the Jews had to run to save their lives."

     She stopped and thought.

     Jews! What an ongoing history. Perhaps the majority of us have seen expulsions, hatred, or terror… just because our mothers are Jewish. They do not even know us yet they hate us. All they know is that for some reason Jews are not them. In this, the evil anti-Semite (Jew hater) knows more than the majority of Jews. No matter where we are or what we do, we are all judged as one, not only on earth, but in Heaven too. 


  1. H' made that there should be anti-semitism so the Jew shouldn't forget he's a Jew!

  2. Only God knows who is truly Jewish and who is truly gentile. With God no proof is needed but with man no one can prove one way or the other with absolute certainty.

  3. To Anon #2: A real Jew knows for sure he is a Jew. No other people has their geneological history as does the Jewish people. Granted, today, there are many amongst us who really don't know who they are because of the rampant assimilation in this last century. But those who thankfully kept their Jewishness know very well who they are and from whence they came.


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