Tuesday, March 29, 2016


A Jewish Mother

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

A Jewish Mother


      Three young Americans were in Jerusalem on their Birthright trip. When they were walking away from the Kotel I called out to them to come put on tefillin. They laughed and kept walking.

     I yelled out, "You didn't come all the way from American just to see the stones. Come try to have a spiritual experience.

     They laughed even louder and kept walking.

     I yelled, "If your mother is Jewish she would want you to do this!"

     Two of them leaned away into the direction they were going and walked away even faster… but one of them stopped. He turned and looked at me.

     I motioned strongly with my hand, "Come, come do this!"

     He walked over to me smiling. I helped him with tefillin, saying the Shema, and then his personal prayers. When I was taking the tefillin off I asked him, "Why did you turn and come back? Your friends didn't. Why only you?"

     He said, "You mentioned my mother. I love my mother very much."

     Guess who got the most credit for that mitzvah


  1. One can exercise the power of Money, the power of Mouth, the power of Mind, the power of Muscle, but the power of Mom trumps them all.

  2. Tears well up, Reb Gutman! And I'm a grown man.

  3. Nothing like the Yiddishe mama!!!


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