Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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Prayer–Being Before G-d

by Reb Aharon Rubin, from Eye to the Infinite, shared with permission.

Spe­cific methods of prayer meditation.

& Praying with one idea: being be­fore G-d

As one of the great Chassi­dic masters said, “With each word I pray, I have just one thought: ‘You, G-d’”.

Rather than being bogged down by intricacies and intellec­tual gymnastics, allow your heart to speak. Visualise yourself as standing before G-d. He lis­tens to every word and thought, even to your emo­tions. He is Elokechohyour G-d. Access­ing this conscious­ness will en­hance your Divine connec­tion, enabling you to break behav­iour patterns that might otherwise drag you away from your path.

The core of the heart is simplicity and truth, uncon­cerned with the past or fu­ture, the straightforward­ness of a pure child. This is also the state of prayer: always in the mo­ment and simple oblivion to everything but G-d.[1]

The sages thus call prayer, “service of the heart”.[2] Speaking the lan­guage of the heart, it combines the brain’s comprehension with the heart’s emotional sensitivity, reaching even higher than the intellect, to a place the heart ‘sees’ and feels. When thus attached to G-d, the heart tran­scends the mind’s limitations, automatically nullifying extraneous de­sires and thoughts.

[1] In a letter to his disciple, the Rambam writes that through prayer one can reach a place where past, pre­sent and future are one, a state akin to prophecy. (Rambam’s Responsa שו"ת הרמב"ם; see also Shulchon Oruch, ibid.)

[2] Sifri, Deut. 11:13.


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