Monday, February 29, 2016

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Prayer–A Secret to Prophecy?

by Reb Aharon Rubin, from Eye to the Infinite, shared with permission.

& Inspired prayer – praying with Ruach HaQodesh

The secret to prophecy, says Rav Hai Gaon, is knowing that you are the first conduit to the Shechinoh (the Divine Presence) and that all spiritual worlds depend on you. Similarly, the Ramban, Rosh and Ba’al HaCharei­dim all describe the Shechinoh –Throne to G-d’s Glory – as being above one’s head, sensitive to our every thought.[1]

Thus, the masters recommend praying “as if” with the Di­vine Spirit, pic­turing the Divine Spirit upon you. First, meditate on the Shechi­noh, as if resting on your head. Everything flows from It to your soul-root, and from your soul-root to all the angels and worlds. Now say a few verses, or what­ever prayers come to mind.

The more you practise this, the closer you approach this reality. Once you become adept, pray an en­tire prayer in this fashion. It will be very powerful.[2]

[1] See Iggereth HoRamban (Nachmanides’ Epistle), Orchoth Chaim LeHoRosh, Sefer Chareidim, Chap. 13, and introduction to Siddur Kether Nehorah (by Rabbi Aharon of Zhelikhov).

[2] See note 105. One might also repeat the words of the hymn: נפשי חמדה בצל ידך לדעת כל רז סודך – “My soul desires in the shadow of Your Hand, to know all the mystery of Your se­cret” זמירות) אנעים – An’im Zemiroth, end of Shabboth morning service).

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