Thursday, February 04, 2016


I’ll Wait a Few More Minutes

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

I'll Wait a Few More Minutes


     It was very cold and rainy. I was standing to the side, by the bookshelves outside next to the Kotel men's entrance looking for some Jews to help with tefillin. The Kotel was almost completely empty.

     After a half an hour or so I said, "I might as well go inside where it is warm. I am not helping anyone here today. Ah…I'll wait a few more minutes. Maybe I can help someone."

     So I waited. It was cold. Finally a platoon of soldiers came running in, but almost all of them had already put on tefillin that day. The one or two who had not yet put them on knew how to do it by themselves.

    "It's cold!" I yelled. "Okay, just a few more minutes."

     Right then a Jew in his 60's walked by. I called out to him, "Did you put on tefillin today?"

      He was an Iranian living many years in California. "Yes, I put them on in the morning."

     Then he walked over to me and asked, "Tell me, is there a place to give charity at the Kotel?"

      "You can give it here to the Kotel," I pointed to the Kotel charity box, "or to the Kotel tefillin stand if you like."

      "Oh, for the tefillin?"


       He handed me an open envelope filled with what seemed to be maybe forty one-dollar bills. It is a custom to give someone coming to Israel charity to give here. It is a special mitzvah to help the Jews who live in the Land. Also, giving the traveler charity to deliver makes him a messenger on a mitzvah errand and this helps to protect him on his journey. I took the envelope and asked, "What do you want me to do with this?"

     He said, "Do whatever you like."

     Shmuli was standing right there so I immediately handed him the envelope saying, "This is for the Chabad tefillin stand."

      Shmuli took it and the man said, "Oh, Chabad", and he reached in his pocket and took out another envelope and handed it to me. I handed that envelope to Shmuli too.

     The man asked us to pray for a sick relative so Shmuli took him inside and helped him. Latter Shmuli came back and said, "It looks like all one-dollar bills, but it all helps. Barouch Hashem."

     I went inside to wait for maariv (evening prayers) and a few minutes later Shmuli sat next to me and said, "There was $700 in the envelopes!"

     Barouch Hashem. Chabad at the Kotel, like all other locations, always needs help paying the salaries of their staff. They are all married with lots of kids. Thank G-d I stayed for a few more minutes to let Hashem give me the gift of being able to help. Barouch Hashem.



  1. Reb Gutman - That's what you do best, always helping another Yid. May H' bless you!

  2. You know if HaShem would stop punishing me and restore my livelihood, then I'd be all too happy to donate more than I do and do so on a regular basis. What's that saying...? A man without a job is as if he were dead...? I'm tired of being one of the 95M Americans who are no longer in the Labor Force. I'm tired of numbering among the walking dead. Isn't nine years of being unemployed enough punishment to cover whatever I've done to anger HaShem? :*( Yes, yes, yes.... I know! Do the following and everything will be fine:

    1. Do teshuvah!
    2. Thank HaShem!
    3. Be content with my lot in life.
    4. Believe that everything works for the best.
    5. Trust that HaShem is only a Bestower of Goodness and that the seemingly bad things that happen to me are really working for my immediate and long-term good.
    6. Accept that HaShem's ways are above our ways.
    7. Spend at least one hour each day in personal prayer.

    Nine years and counting.... May everyone have a wonderful Shabbat!

  3. SM--Besides all those things, how about learning a trade? Something you could do to help relieve the problem, plumbing, electrician, house painting?

  4. Dear Rabbi Locks,

    Yes, I could go back to school and "re-invent" myself, since 22 yrs of Law Enforcement and Security training counts for nothing in the current job mark, if you can believe that. Sadly, school takes money, which I don't have. I could get a loan, but when I don't get hired, I'll be stuck with a loan payment that I can't make. Yes, there are plenty of "schools" out there that offer loans, training, and job placement, but ... they charge twice as much as a regular college would and their promise to help with "job placement" is just part of the scam.

    Bottom line...? It's not about being over qualified or under qualified. It's about being a 52 yr old man. Every job I've been called in for has gone to a pretty 19 yr old girl. I get it. Who wants to look at an old man, when you can hire eye candy? Goyishkeit! You've gotta love where their priorities are!

    As for the jobs you mentioned, these typically go to illegal aliens here in Redneckville, Jesusland, USA. (Go to Poland and you'll find more Ukrainians than Poles working these jobs, because they're cheap labor.) I know this, because I did lay bricks for three years, when I was much younger. BTW, I'm not alone in this. I know dozens and dozens of guys who are in the same boat. I'm not making excuses.... I've just tried every option you could possibly list without success. Thanks for taking the time to respond, but short of a miracle....

  5. SM--if you learn to be a plumber and to do simple electricians work and put up notices every day around your neighborhood you will most likely be able to support yourself. Sitting home and complaining hasn't worked so try to become a handyman instead.


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