Sunday, January 17, 2016


The Rights of Indigenous People…Like the Jews!

This is a very interesting talk by Ryan Bellerose, a native American (Indian) in Canada who is an Indigenous People activist and authority.  And as he says, by every standard the Jewish People qualify as the indigenous people, the original tribes in their homeland, in Israel.

He delivers 2 very significant messages:

1. Don’t let “them” define you.  As he notes, many would like to qualify Jews in Israel as white European colonizers, whereas the Jewish people in Israel are clearly the indigenous people in their homeland, with all the priority rights that entails.  (This is not to disenfranchise some Arabs who may qualify as long term residents and have certain rights as well, but their rights to not override the rights of the indigenous people.)

2. Don’t apologize or get into some long winded logical explanation.  The attacks being made against Jewish Israel are emotional, you will not appeal to most people’s intellect over the emotional argument. 

Direct video link here.  And embedded below.


  1. He's right. I have been saying for a long time that we Jews and Israelis should not respond to those negative diatribes "defending" our rights to Israel, but in fact should turn the tide by "declaring" our sovereignty as a continuation of the one and only commonwealth that ever existed, i.e. since the Second Temple. We are just preparing ourselves for the third commonwealth!

  2. He is absolutely, positively and obviously CORRECT! The leadership has knowingly from the start not allowed this truth to be emphasized to the world. What a shame that an intelligent outsider such as Mr. Bellerose has to state the truth and the obvious. Thank you Mr. Belerose!

  3. Excellent lecture! Now when will you have the MEME contest to start spreading the truth of indigenous Israel? I am sure a lot of people have wonderful ideas.

  4. This post is one of the only 18 in the Shiloh Musings: My "Alternative International Jewish Newspaper," aka HH*

    See what other posts there are. Enjoy, read, comment and share, thanks.


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