Thursday, January 21, 2016


So Humiliating, getting Blown Up or Stabbed by Girls

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


The constant LIES wear everyone down, until they start to believe them.  Let’s call a lie a lie.

“SO HUMILIATING – Israeli soldiers forced a Palestinian girl to take her clothes off in the street!”

You know what’s so humiliating???  BEING BLOWN UP or STABBED by “Palestinian” girls.

You know what’s a reasonable response?  Asking them to open their coats to see if they have a bomb or large knife.

You know what’s a LIE? Saying opening a coat is being forced to take off clothes.

You know what’s crying wolf?  When you blow people up, stab people, shoot people… and then complain that they protect themselves, that they close those jobs to keep alive, that they close their borders to keep their pregnant women safe.

You know what’s NOT discrimination?  Keeping people who announce daily on their TV and web sites that they want to kill you, that they are training their children to kill you, keeping them from killing you!


  1. Opening her coat is not enough. She could have a knife in a pocket on her back, under her dress, strapped to her leg .... get the point. Keep undressing them!

  2. Welllll, actually, I know this may sound funny, but there may be a humorous way to get them to thwart a potential attack. No joke- have an open container of dam chazer and announce that you will throw it at the if they advance toward you.
    "I have pigs blood and I know how to use it!" ;)
    Seriously though, they believe that coming in to contact with this blood or other parts will prevent them from going to heaven etc...
    Scary how murder doesn't deter them though. Truly jealous narcissists...


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