Sunday, January 31, 2016


Should Every Jew Move to Israel?

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-  by Reb Gutman Locks     Has the time come for all Jews from all over the World to come home?
Is the promised Redemption really happening now?

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  1. I use to think that HaShem caused the economic hardships in the USA just to force the Jews to move to Israel. However, it takes money to move to Israel and, as Rabbi Gutman Locks points out, one has to make a living in Israel. Who can afford the housing in Israel? :*(

  2. In Israel one has to learn to downsize everything ,one learns to be modest with everything . One can always live in the outskirts and we have wonderful communities .

  3. @Esther, does downsizing include having a smaller family? As far as material things go, we're pretty well downsized, if you don't include the massive library, which is non-negotiable. I just can't picture squeezing 15 kids and two adults into an 1,000 sq ft apartment.

  4. Just don't move to Haifa! Who knew?

  5. It is said that Hashem flattened the terrain in the desert so Israel could traverse it. Could He not extend the borders of the land, reduce the rents and real estate prices? Do you think economics will not change during a time of unprecedented change? Weigh having a larger home against cataclysmic upheaval where you live. Priorities change when chaos reigns. I guess it depends on what time you think it is.


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