Saturday, January 30, 2016


Oops, Kosher Clams Advertised at Ami Magazine


Ami Magazine is a nice publication targeted at the English speaking ultra-orthodox Jewish community.  Articles focus on issues of interest to the community, the lives of holy rabbis, Torah education, and more.  It includes a women’s supplement, the “Ami Living”, which focuses on Jewish orthodox womens issues, recipes, children, health, and more.

This week the magazine also featured on the back cover an ad for a kosher supermarket in New York City.  To show the supermarket had been around for a while, they took a historical roadside food peddler picture from 1928…

A peddler of CLAMS.

Clams are non-kosher, as only sea (and fresh water) animals that have fins and scales (aka fish) are kosher.  All other sea animals such as lobster, shrimp, eel, urchin, oyster, clam, etc, are treif – non-kosher – not permitted – not eaten by orthodox or religiously observant Jews.  This is a standard part of keeping kosher.

Representing your kosher supermarket via an ad selling clams is a VERY BIG OOPS.

Looking at this is in a positive light, it’s entirely possible that the ad agency, which has what is a traditional religious Jewish name in the company name, may not even have recognized what these people are doing or eating.  Meaning the Jewish religious ad agency and the ad people at the Jewish religious magazine may not even have recognized that these are clams, never have seen them sold as food in the supermarkets they shop at (and certainly never having seen them eaten)!


  1. The cart in the street is likely unaffiliated with KRM.

  2. They should take the ad off immediately and apologize for a mistake which they didn't realize they made and that will be the end of it.

  3. Mistakes happen. Though when it's a print magazine (which Ami is), it's harder to retract.

    The supermarket being advertised didn't exist in 1928, I honestly don't even understand the ad campaign.

  4. This post is included in A Jewish Grandmother : Quickie Kosher Cooking Carnival. Take a look, and also see the other posts, comment and share, thanks.

  5. Akiva, read the small print [underneath the yellow box].

  6. I saw the small print, though thanks for pointing it out. Still, the ad didn't get it's point across for me... that the store has low prices like 1928?

    Weird date, weird approach. I could see such a picture (not one with CLAMS) for saying "following a long tradition" or something like that. It would work for "Heimishe Food like Alter-Bubbe's".

    Yet for a magazine that is machmir not to have a picture of a woman or even a young girl, having a full page picture of treif food being eaten is a humorous error.


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