Thursday, January 07, 2016

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Mazal Tov

​    by Reb Gutman Locks   

Mazal Tov


     It is always a joy and a privilege to arrange a bar mitzvah. This Jew would not be putting tefillin on except for my insisting on it. In truth, a bar mitzvah happens automatically when a Jewish boy turns 13 years old. Bar Mitzvah means "Son of the Mitzvah". Once the boy has attained that age of maturity he is able to fulfill the mitzvah of tefillin.

     Clearly, this bar mitzvah boy is older than 13, but since it is the first time he has ever put on tefillin, we tell them that it is (like) their bar mitzvah. We all pray that he will continue to put on tefillin many more times in his life.   

     Oh, I forgot to tell you. This is the first time the frum (religious) boy has ever put tefillin on. Amazing isn't it? All these years of being religious and he never once put tefillin on before. How could it happen? No one explained to him that when it comes to Torah and mitzvahs we are all obligated for each other.

     Maybe I am not being clear. This is the first time in his entire life that the religious boy has ever put tefillin on another Jew. Mazal tov! May he go on in strength to strength and help bring many more Jews to the mitzvah of tefillin.

     After all, he certainly would help a fellow Jew pick up his donkey if it fell, so all the more so should he rush to help him if his neshama (soul) has fallen.

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  1. In life like attracts like. The more one focuses on say negative events (evil, terror, scarcity) as opposed to positive ones, the more he will hear about these or encounter these in his own life. You attract what you think about most often even without realizing it. Never heard about the expression You are where your mind is or, Hashem is where you let Him in?? If we want moshiach to appear we need as soon as possible to FEEL 24/7 how it will feel like when he will be revealed, Then we will merit him! The Rebbe of chabad meant the same thing when he told his chassidim they ought to LEARN every day about moshiach and geulah and to LIVE (not just yearn or pray for him) like moshiach is already here, in thought, feeling and deed, including speech!! Start today and spread the message. Shabbat shalom - Ronit


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