Sunday, January 17, 2016


Israel Pic: Crazy Sunsets

Israel is an incredible land, the Holy Land.  Whether it’s natural views changing from beach to desert to lake to mountains, or holy places, or ancient ruins, or modern technology parks, every bit of Israel presents stunning views.  Here I share a few with you a couple of times a week (as I lug my trusty camera – recently replaced) with me as I travel around Israel.

We get some crazy sunsets in the winter in Israel.  Looking down from the Judean hills towards the Mediterranean sea, the sun sets into the sea about 50km distant.  On clear days you can see the sun refelection off the water.  On less clear days, glowing skies.

2016-01-06 Sunset Beit Shemesh 008


  1. I've recently had glorious red-orange-pink sunrises that cover the sky and glow on my morning wall near my head. it truly envigorates my neshoma. i am mesmerized by the changing shades of color usually finishing the show in yellow. my strongest views are east, south and early aftn west. i don't get those sunsets unless i am outside. yes, its amazing, after the years of grey skies, grey sidewalks, and grey bldgs of NY.

    thank you, Akiva.

  2. Thank you, as ever, for your views of Eretz Yisrael, from London.


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