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​   by Reb Gutman Locks  



     I enjoy saying hello to Sikhs when they come to the Kotel. They are almost always friendly, quick to smile. They are originally from the Punjab in northern India. Although you rarely hear about them, there are approximately twice as many Sikhs in the world as there are Jews.

     Their religion is monotheistic. They believe that G-d is one, immortal, and everywhere. Their major religious effort is to try to develop a personal relationship with G-d, mostly through meditation.

     The men wear turbans to cover their lifelong uncut hair. Recently, a Sikh told me that as a teen he wanted to cut his hair but his mother reminded him of what happened to Samson when he cut his hair, so he did not cut it. Samson was a nazir [i] from birth which means that he never cut his hair. When his hair was cut he lost his amazing strength and was captured and enslaved by the Philistines.

     Sikhs do not seek converts and they appear to be friendly with all other religions. I like them.


[i] A Jew who vowed to abstain from certain things for a period of time


  1. Very interesting. We know that they (Indians) stem from Abraham who sent the children of Keturah to the East. Maybe this sect kept up the truth of the One G-D, from the times of our Father Abraham. Very pleasing to hear.

  2. Canada has the largest Sikh community outside of India, our Minister of Defence is a Sikh war veteran and served also as a police officer.

  3. I am a hindu& sikh. hindus/buddhist/sikh have no antisemitism and always respect judaism.India has 2000 year jewish history and India is the only country in the world where there is no anti semitism.Many famous Indian jews were founders of the country.Gen Jacob was a general who commanded 100,000 indian soldiers and who loved him in return. No hindu ever seeks to convert any jew.i remember a story about israeli back packer going to hindu guru and wanting to convert, the guru said to him that there is no need to convert and that he should follow his jewish dharma.he asked him to discuss the light/philosophy of torah and to become the best jew he can be.Hinduism is not polytheistic.Hinduism believes in one G-d Vishnu who is supreme.the other deieties are called demigods(similar to concept of angel,archangel,etc) who worship and serve him in administering the universe.Hinduism allows people to worship the demigods according to their temperament and devotion and Supreme god accepts their devotion.

  4. The religion arose in response to and in opposition to the Muslim invasion of India, They bravely fought the Muslim atrocities for generations. One of their 10 founding holy men had his sons sealed up live within a wall for refusing to convert.

    They oppose idols and we are permitted to enter their temples. They are strict monotheists. Like Judaism, they are very life affirming.


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