Saturday, December 05, 2015


My Nemesis

Chanukah is coming!  One of the fun customs of Chanukah is to eat fried foods, in honor of the miracle of a 1 day supply of (olive) oil lasting 8 days.  In Europe and the US, the fried food of choice for Chanukah is the latke – a fried potato pancake.  Tasty and memorial for the holiday.

But in Israel the custom is a fried sweet dough that’s stuffed… a JELLY DOUGHNUT!   Fresh their incredible!  And not to be overtaken in the donut space, recent years have shown new creations…. and have become MY NEMESIS!!!

Repeat after me: the mind rules over the heart, the mind rules over the heart, the mind rules…ahhhhhh

…the traditional Israeli sufgania (fried jelly doughnut)…

2015-11-19 001


…the newfangled chocolate cream filled vanilla glazed brownie stuffed doughnut…



…vanilla cream filled chocolate glazed doughnut with a bonbon…



…cookies & cream glazed vanilla stuffed with a cookies & cream chocolate bar…



The mind rules over the heart…How do I get this jelly out of my beard?


  1. My husband feels for you - and says there's twice a year you're not on a diet: Pesach and Hanukkah.

    That said, I found just the doughnut for you, if you must have one! Saidel's American Style Donuts for Channukah makes, among other kinds, Blueberry Crumble and organic Spelt Honey Cinnamon. I found them in this week's Torah Tidbits (Vayeishev) on p. 9. Their phone number is 09-7941222. Teudat Kashrut from Karnei Shomron Rabbanut.

    Let us know how it goes...if you accept their kashrut.

    Keep up the good work. I saw your picture recently and you are looking better.

  2. Oh, do they look delicious. But, alas, I too am perplexed and confounded because I also cannot eat these scrumptious looking treats. Being gluten free there is only one option, make my own! But I could never compete with these.


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