Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Life moves on, time moves forward. 

We leave the schools we attended, neigborhoods we lived in. 

We leave our family homes…”go off” to school, “go away” for a job, get married and form a new family of our own.

We work a job, maybe for many years, and get promoted, or fired, or jump at a new opportunity, or the job itself (the company or that type of job) disappear…and we move on.

We don’t expect the schools we left to be lonely, new students came and filled them.

We don’t expect the neighborhoods we left to be lonely, new people moved into our old homes and filled the neighborhood. 

And jobs we leave, others do them or they’re not needed anymore.

Our family misses us, where both we and they remember the times of the past and shared warmth that holds us together. 

But the past is gone, we must make the best of tommorow.

We don’t have to be a lonely tree, but as we leave – we worry, at least for a moment, about loss.

(Photo via @justakiva at Ello… this lonely tree clearly survived many years, and now is surviving in the midst of a new housing construction site. While it wouldn't seem likely the landscapers will leave it, the tractors did. This tree is a survivor!)


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