Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Live Writer (now Open!) #olw

CaptureLiveWriter is a (free) tool from Microsoft for making blog posts.  A fantastic tool that I’ve used for many years.

Unfortunately, Google changed the way Blogger security works (Mystical Paths operates via Blogger), which inavertently blocked Microsoft LiveWriter from posting to Blogger.  As this was my primary tool for posting, to me this was devestating.  Making it worse Microsoft had officially declared that they were no longer making changes to LiveWriter, meaning this tool was dead for me.

Fortunately Microsoft went a new direction and released LiveWriter as an Open Source tool – meaning they gave away the code to the public to modify as they wish.  A dedicated group of volunteers picked up the ball and has started enhancing this fabulous tool – including repairing the security access to Google Blogger.  There’s a follow up bug that blocked me, but it was fixed here (basically you have to go back and put in your password again after the first post).

If you used LiveWriter, the new OpenLiveWriter is now available as a replacement.  I strongly recommend giving it a try.

Get it (for free) here.

And a big thank you to the Open Live Writer team!


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