Thursday, November 12, 2015

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There Is No Connection

​by Reb Gutman Locks   

There Is No Connection


     Trying to explain my previous article on 'Close' one comment actually made things worse! He wrote that the word mitzvah means "connecting us to Hashem." While another comment said, It is "…just semantics, 'Close to' vs. 'Awareness of'".

     There is never a need to connect to the Infinite. The Infinite is already all, so nothing is ever disconnected from It. The All is one, including you and me. This writer is making the same mistake as the rabbi who told the students that mitzvahs bring us 'closer to' Hashem. The word for 'connect' in Hebrew which is the source of the idea to connect to Hashem is chibor. It is the same root of the word chaver (friend) and chavrusa (learning partner). The source of the idea that a mitzvah 'connects' us to Hashem really means that doing mitzvahs endears us to Hashem. Just as the idea 'close' when it comes to Hashem means to endear, so does the word 'connect' mean to endear.

     It is not just a problem with semantics. The Jew who goes through life feeling that he or she is not close to G-d, or is disconnected from G-d, will live a very different life than the Jew who feels that he needs to become more dear to, more beloved to Hashem. It is sort of like needing to yell at a loved one because he is very far away from you, or lovingly whispering in His ear. Hashem is our very life, our breath. We do not need to connect to our breath, but we certainly have to keep our breath fresh.


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