Sunday, November 22, 2015


Targeting Religious Jews

Yeshiva World News writes…

Many are questioning why there is a disproportionate number of frum (religiously observant) Jews wounded and killed in the ongoing wave of Islamic terror that has been striking out in major cities in Israel as well as throughout Yehuda and Shomron (aka West Bank). 

(Reb Akiva adds… This is extremely unusual.  Historically past waves of terror attacks, suicide bombings and so forth, generally targeted Israeli buses or restaurants.  Perhaps starting with the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva attacks / mass murder, a distinct trend of targeting religious Jews, yeshivas, and synagogues seems to have started.)

The experts believe the reason is simple. It is explained the terrorists want to be certain that they murder Jews, and what better way to identify a Jew than by his kippa or chareidi garb.

In the two attacks on Thursday, 7 Kislev, in southern Tel Aviv and Gush Etzion Junction, many if not most of the victims were davening mincha.  It is added this is the reason soldiers are also targeted in larger numbers even though they are often armed. The terrorists are aware the overwhelming number of soldiers are Jewish and they feel even more compelled to attack members of the “occupational security forces”.

This is a very strange response from Yeshiva World – an orthodox Jewish (virtual) publication.  Yaak, assumabley of Yeranen Yaakov, added this excellent comment to their article…

It is because the greatest weapon Yishmael has is their Tefilla. After all, they do it 5 times a day. And the greatest weapon AGAINST Yishmael is OUR power of Tefilla. As Pirkei deRibbi Eliezer says (chapter 32), he is called Yishmael since HKB”H will hear our cries out to Him in the End of Days.

Who are the ones praying to HKB”H? The frum Jews – and the Arabs know this. They know that their demise is our power of prayer. They therefore target frum Jews.

And where? Anywhere they find us, but especially if we are praying. (Reb Akiva adds… HaKol Kol Yaakov, the power of Yaakov is in his voice – prayers.) They attack shuls and office Minha rooms (afternoon prayer rooms for orthodox Jews at work – often just a conference room appropriated for 30 minutes). Did you ever wonder why they go crazy if Jews pray on Har Habayit?

May our power of Tefilla intensify and vastly outweigh their power of Tefilla to bring about their demise and the coming of Mashiah Tzidkeinu speedily and with mercy, Amen.


  1. Thanks, Akiva. Yes, it was me.

  2. I join you as well with this tefilla:

    May our power of Tefilla intensify and vastly outweigh their power of Tefilla to bring about their demise and the coming of Mashiah Tzidkeinu speedily and with mercy, Amen.

  3. There's something wrong with saying that their strongest weapon is tefilla because they do it 5 times a day. That's like saying God is stupid. Really? People who behave the way they do, even if they say they pray to God, their concept of God is a blood thirsty maniac, more close to the Satan rather. Who cares how many times they pray to the Satan?

  4. Anonymous 10:33,

    See Bereishit 21:16-17 (and possibly also 16:11) to see the power of Yishmael's Tefilla.

    I didn't make up this concept. See here and here, for examples from a quick Google search.

    And to say Yishmael prays to the Satan is obviously wrong since if that were in fact the case, it would be forbidden to enter a mosque, which it is not.

    However, I do agree with you that their concept of G-d and religion is warped.

  5. I know you didn't make it up. Nevertheless, does it make sense to you that people pray to some higher power which commands them to murder and rape, who cares that they call this power God and even insist that he is one, their prayers are going to the Satan. Indeed I wonder if it's really permitted to enter a mosque where terrorists or their supporters pray, perhaps this halacha should be reconsidered based on what we know about Islam and it's founder.

  6. Don't you think the Rambam, who lived his entire life among Yishmaelim, knew about Islam and its founder? The Rambam called its founder a "Meshuga", but nevertheless explicitly did not say that their mosques were places of Avoda Zara. Their prayers are directed toward Hashem, whether you like it or not. The difference is that we were chosen and they were not. We do Berit Mila the correct way while they do not. We are in the right while they are in the wrong. May Hashem ignore their prayers and heed ours.


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