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Prophetic Alignment or Wishful Thinking?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A reader and supporter (you can support Mystical Paths by donating here) wrote…

I read the following online:

In Jewish tradition, the end of days refers to the times before the arrival of Moshiach (the messiah). It is supposed to be a turbulent time, prior to an age of harmony between nations.

imageA particular prophesy focuses on the Statue of Liberty, as it apparently figures in the cryptic prophecy of a boy prophet named Nachman who prophesied in the fifth century of the common era. 

In the small village of Banam in the Galilee, approximately 420 years after the second temple was destroyed as young Jewish boy gave a prophecy concerning the End of Days.  This boy was a ‘miracle’ child who was gifted with knowledge of Torah secrets from birth.  His prophesy, now called the Child Prophecy is considered the ‘holy of the holiest by the Rabbi of Shomer Emunim.’  Rabbi Avraham ben Eliezer HaLevi wrote a special commentary concerning the prophecy and even the saintly Tzemach Tzadik studied the prophecy. Though the prophecy was spoken in a mixture of Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic and Greek, Rabbi Yaakov Nathan has deciphered the fourth part of the prophecy which states: “When the idol of Rhodes is destroyed, know that the end of the wicked kingdom is near.”

The Colossus of Rhodes was a 35 meter tall statute constructed on the Greek isle of Rhodes and was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.  The Colossus was originally built in 280 BCE and stood for 60 years until an earthquake knocked it over. In our modern times, another idol of Rhodes was built which has become the most famous statute known in the world.  Called the ‘New Colossus” this modern idol of Rhodes is erected in New York City and is known as the Statute of Liberty. The Statute of Liberty originally was conceived as a veiled Arab (Muslim) woman and was to be given to Egypt for the Suez Canal, but they refused the offer.  The statute was then re-configured as Lady Liberty and the rest is history.

The prophecy indicates that when Lady Liberty is destroyed, the wicked kingdom (America) will soon come to an end. Hildegard’s prophecy also appears to indicate destruction on the east coast of the USA, possibly as a result of an attack, which of course is the location of the modern idol of Rhodes, Lady Liberty who in reality is a mock-up of the goddess Ishtar.

Reb Akiva responds…

This is a rather confusing mixture of information and inaccuracies.  Let’s start with your first reference.  Yes, the end of days scenarios are described in the navi’im achronim, the later biblical prophets.  The prophecies describe world turmoil, wars, and an ultimate war ending with the coming of Moshiach.  IN ADDITION to the direct biblical prophecies, there are many other sources of ancillary prophecies, including some in the Gemora, a compilation of ancillary prophecies called the Yalkut Shimoni, and occasional prophetic statements of the holy sages of various generations.

The source you describe, known as Nevuos HaYeled, the “Boy’s Prophecy”, is a very cryptic prophecy from the time you specify.  Here’s what’s known about this:

Nachman Pincus was born on a Rosh Hashanah in the 5th century, in Baram, a villiage in Gush Halav, in the Upper Galilee, in the Land of Israel. He was the son of the noted holy man, Rabbi Pincus and his wife Rachel. Instead of the cry of a newborn, the Nachman began to speak, revealing the secrets of the world, and heaven.

At age 12, he gave five rhymed prophecies, in alphabetical order, spoken in a coded language. When he had finished, he revealed to his parents that he would soon die.

Nachman died, and was buried in the village Baram in the Galilee. His gravesite is known, and considered a holy place. He is buried under the name "Rabbi Nachman "Katofa. because he was "picked" while still a child. Today, people visit his gravesite to pray.

The five prophecies were documented and called "Nevuat HaYeled" (The Child's Prophecy).  Five hundred years ago, the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Avraham ben Eliezer HaLevi wrote a special commentary regarding them, and the Rabbi of "Shomer Emunim" wrote in his book that they are known to be true and the "holy of holies".

Years ago the Dreaming of Moshiach blog wrote these interpretations of the 5 prophecies (I don’t know her source)…

  • At the end of days, Turkey will rule over Eretz Israel;
  • Britian (Edom) will come and take power away from them;
  • In 1948, all nations will recognize Israel is ruled by Jews;
  • A ruler in Egypt (Nassar) will rule over arabs and will make pain for Israel. When he will die and no one will remember him;
  • Edom nation shocks the world and instigates wars;
  • The falling tower of Gadia is a sign of the end of time;
  • There will be great changes in the world and great sorrows in the land of Edom on the Western side, as the sea will come in and submerge some of the lands;
  • There will be two eclipses;
  • Troops will go forth from Israel to give the vengeance of Hashem in Edom;
  • The prophecy speaks of a war that will be between Yishmaelim and Edomim in the Holy Land;
  • A nation will come quickly to battle another nation who is shocking the world and will bring judgement on Edom;
  • Paras (Persia) brings hate to the world and cause much worry to the Edomim;
  • The Egyptians will come and make war and in a few days they will awaken a great evil that will leave people crushed and cut off due to the sorrows. This will occur in the land of Gerar, namely the land of the Philistines, meaning Gaza and Gath. And there will be lamentations and bitter crying from the wars and the killing and the pillaging;
  • Those who do not have love for anyone, are happy to kill people. They will wander the land to find people to rob and harm. Everyone hates them because they are evil to the whole world;
  • A city/people called Gadia built a city and a tower. The fall of the Yishmaelim will be in Gadia
  • Rome will fall at the hands of Paras (Persia/Iran);
  • When the avodah zara that is in Rodus will be destroyed, shortly afterwards Rome will be destroyed;
  • Ten strong states will be destroyed;
  • Ten towers or fortresses will submerg and then we will see Eliyahu HaNavi, Zachur Letov;
  • When a king (leader) will write a letter and command to build a bridge in Sanbara /Sanvara, the LIGHT has come to Tzion;
  • When we see that Edom governs the land of Israel , we will believe that the last steps of redemption has begun;
  • A spark of fire will fall from the heavens onto the nations;

imageSo you are referring to the “avoda zara (idol) of Rodus being destroyed”.  I’m not sure how this can be tied to the Statue of Liberty, and a glance at Wikipedia seems to disagree with the facts you presented (but does still qualify the statue as an idol)…

The statue of Liberty is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, a  Roman goddess idol worship, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.  The statue was constructed in France (not Greece / Rhodes).  The arab story (the statue to stand by the Suez Canal for Egypt) does seem to have some accuracy, not in an offer but in an idea of the artist which was unable to get support.  The Statue of Liberty was a later idea, same concept of a giant woman statue but with a different purpose.  Maybe the original was supposed to be the Egyptian idol worship goddess ishtar, the later one a roman idol libertas.

The important thing to note is that we're following the marksman's paradigm (or something like that), which is... drawing a target around the shot.  The things described are written in 1500 year old cryptic terminology.  Can we really interpret the meanings to places that no longer exist (or statues that no longer exist) by trying to connect current ones via some historical chain?  Can we say Edom is the U.S., or Rome is not physical Rome but the Western World and the U.S. or Whitehouse?

G-d willing we will see Moshiach today, and then afterwards be able to place all the events into all the prophetic writings... it's exceedingly hard to do the opposite and align near future events or even active events into the writings.  So far EVERYONE is batting ZERO in trying to do so.

There are certainly many many factors in play that give us prophetic hope… Iran (Paras), Russia is active on Israel’s northern border, Europe is under attack by Muslims, etc.  But we don’t need the news to hope and pray for Moshiach to come today!  That said, the wise don’t close their eyes when nation affecting situations are happening.

May it be so that Moshiach tzidkaynu comes today!




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  3. Just to be perfectly clear, these were not my "confusing mixture of information and inaccuracies." I simply pasted that information from another website. What was *mine* was simply a link to a news article that reports Greece is planning to build a new Colossus of Rhodes, in order to increase tourism:

    All I wanted to do was to point out that maybe Nachman Pincus meant a new Colossus of Rhodes and not the Statue of Liberty. As for Greece.... You'd think that a bankrupt country would have the common sense to turn to Ha-Shem, instead of turning toward the avodah zarah of their ancestors, but ... what else can one expect from an Xtian country?

  4. Thanks for the additional info. I did not pick up previously that Greece is recreating a Colossus. Very interesting.


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