Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Maybe the Colossus will be the Colossus?

I stand corrected and better informed…

(video link)

(Regarding a prophecy of a modern fall of the Colossus - which it has been sugggested would be fulfilled by the Statue of Liberty in New York.)

"In ancient Greece, a staggering statue loomed over the city of Rhodes. Fashioned from iron and bronze, the nearly 100-foot figure of the sun god Helios was erected sometime in the late third century after Rhodes successfully fended off an invasion by Cyprus troops. The Colossus of Rhodes was known far and wide as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Although an earthquake later toppled the structure, it’s still remembered by historians as one of the Mediterranean civilization’s most important cultural legacies.

According to Hyperallergic, various architects have wanted to rebuild the Colossus over the years. In 1999, the city hoped to rebuild the statue and finish it before the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Less than 10 years later, German artist Gert Hof envisioned a similar project. Now, GOOD magazine reports, a team comprising architects, engineers, an archaeologist, and an economist, from Greece and elsewhere, are proposing a brand-new twist on the famous figure: a 500-foot Colossus containing a cultural center, library, exhibition hall, and lighthouse, among other features.

Called the Colossus of Rhodes project, the ambitious undertaking aims to create new jobs, attract tourists, and serve as a source of inspiration for a generation of unemployed young professionals, whose ambitions were hindered by the country’s recent recession."


  1. I apologize for not sending you better links the first time around, Rabbi Akiva. I'm hoping Ari A. Palla isn't a Jew. Regardless, if his project moves forward I can see this pagan statue being a target for Muslim terrorists to destroy, especially since Muslim refugees are flooding into Europe and, of course, they'll be stuck in poverty, which has always been fertile ground for recruiting terrorists. We're certainly living in interesting times.

  2. Great idea about colosus but why in rodos and not in turkey? Sun is coming from the east and so is turkey but Greece is in the west...and it has no money. Ask turkey... Maybe in Fethye islands or hill!..


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