Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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Israel, where Western Civilization's Extremes Confront Reality

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Mark Steyn, one of the more interesting conservative pundits as a European immigrant to the US, wrote:

Just in case our enemies needed another reason to despise us, today the inactivist group Somnolent Tilty-Headed Wankers for Peace launched an exciting new graphic: the same old clapped-out hippie peace symbol but incorporating the Eiffel Tower (right)! Isn't that a cool, stylish way of showing how saddy-saddy-sadcakes you are about all those corpses in the streets of Paris? It's already gone viral! And that's all that matters, isn't it?

Our enemies use social media to distribute snuff videos as a means of recruitment. We use it to confirm to them how passive and enervated we are…

Israel has extreme Western liberal movements and trends.  Israel frequently “gives peace a chance”, allowing terrorists to return from abroad (Yasser Arafat and crew), ceding land to those openly declaring their intention to destroy Israel (Gaza and Hamas), even giving work permits to ‘Palestinians’ so they have economic opportunity…between periodic spurts of terror attacks (including rounds of car bombings, bus bombings, suicide bombings, and the most recent stabbing spree). 

Israel also has an extreme feminism movement, demanding the “right” to perform any and all religious rituals at the holiest sites in the world that are restricted by gender, an extreme gay rights movement that has even convinced the government to give asylum to gay ‘Palestinians’ that flee areas under PLO or Hamas control to avoid being murdered for their preferences, etc etc.

Yet all of these movements and trends in Israel quickly get smacked in the face by aspects of reality.  Give peace a chance has repeatedly ended with threats, attacks and innocent deaths.  Ceded land is turned into rocket and attack launch pads.  Work permits turn into pathways of entry for attackers, and more dead innocents.  The feminists push their demands on Jewish sites, but never on Muslim or even Christian ones – for their lives would immediately be at risk from Arab worshippers.  (At the Jewish sites, the Jewish ‘extremists’ might yell at them – or even throw a plastic chair!  Oh my.  The Arabs will start with throwing cinder blocks and work up from there.)  The gays will march to their hearts content in Tel Aviv, and sometimes in the Jewish sections of Jerusalem – but never even consider marching near, and certainly not in, Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem – their lives would be at risk.

To some extent, such movements in Western countries have been speaking in an echo chamber, with no one local acting in serious opposition.  And if they are in opposition, it may be some protesting where the media declares those in opposition to be barbarians and outside mainstream modern civilization.  Yet as the government has acted on such movement demands, they’ve have and continue to import MILLIONS of people who DO NOT accept such concepts and movements – and are NOT going to protest nicely for the evening news.

They’ve imported real barbarians, who are out to attack the civilizations that spawn such weakening movements.  

So while those civilizations are intentionally bombing INNEFFECTIVELY the barbarians overseas, they are importing the same barbarians into their cities.   At the same time these countries blame Israel for learning the hard way that Western civilization’s extremes have limits – and exceeding those limits in a world with threatening barbarians results in the death of innocents.

- When the Jews of France were attacked, it was only Jews.

- When the journalists were attacked, maybe they deserved it.

…when the general public was attacked?

Will the West learn the lessons Israeli society has already learned the hard way?  Sadly it seems the answer is no.

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  1. Thanks!
    About the peace symbol, frankly, I do not think that the vast majority of people understand it in the context of the original symbol and pacifist movement.
    From a viral standpoint, it is actually nice but as you have quite clearly stated, lost on the ears of the barbarian imports.

    The artist was interviewed here:


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