Tuesday, November 17, 2015



​   by Reb Gutman Locks  



     It is important to know how to easily answer missionaries and other idolaters. Today, there is a movement in Israel where missionaries act as our friends in order to try to spread their foolish, yet dangerous lies. My video Answers to a Pastor  will give you some good information so you can defend yourself against them.

     In the video the pastor asked what was wrong with yashka saying that he was the "I am." I explained that Hashem is the "I Am" and that He is the "I Am" of all. I told the pastor that yashka's claim was not new, and in India there are thousands of gurus who claim to have "god-realization" and that they now are gods! Because of this their devotees bow down to them and worship them! A Hindu viewer took exception to my mentioning this in the video:

Bhagat Pandey wrote:

    "Why this man drags Hindus in their discussion, Men become god after spiritual wisdom, like rain water mixed up in Ocean you never distinguish between rainwater and ocean…"

Gutman answered:

     Men do NOT "become G-d" no matter how much they learn. G-d is Infinite. Men are finite. The Infinite is all including the finite, but the finite is not Infinite. As long as the finite is limited it is not All. Saying man becomes G-d is the exact idolatry spoken about in the video, 'god-realization'. Worship only the Infinite One G-d, not a man or any other limited being or object."



  1. G-D made man in his own image, these folks have turned that around.

  2. why can't humanity understand to worship only The Father of Creation.

  3. This explains a lot.


  4. I don't know what Rabbi Gutman's success rate is in trying to set Xtians straight, but I've tried all of his arguments to no avail. Even the "Infinite Deity" argument is dismissed out of hand. I wasted 35 years of my life on Xtians and trying to get them to see the historical man behind their mythological construct.


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