Thursday, October 22, 2015


When They Tried To Kill Me This Morning

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

TERROR ATTACK!  It’s not something we want to hear, we want to keep it remote… we can empathize, but our community is safe… until it’s not.

Two 20-year olds, Arabs, ‘Palestinians’, woke up this morning and decided it was a good day to kill some Jews and decided to stop by my neighborhood.  We can speculate on their motivation… their news is reporting the Jews are murdering children for no reason every day (that’s how they report Israel stopping attackers, here’s an example…)

Twitter - Abbas Sarsour@iFalasteen - RIGHT NOW occupation settlers killed an innocent boy in Beit Shemesh in occupied Palestine, accusing him of stabbing!

So maybe their were worked up to a rage based on lies.  Or maybe their upbringing being fed stories of the daily “indignities” of their life receiving free medical care, free education including university, and free community infrastructure projects from the US, EU, and UN.  (Average life expectancy of a ‘Palestinian” Arab, 75 years – average life expectancy of an African American US citizen in Washington, DC, 71 years.)

The Faces of Evil Murdering Terrorists – May Their Names be Blotted Out

Most likely they were driven to “holy rage” by the ongoing incitement by the ‘Palestinian’ leadership over Al Aqsa mosque.  In 1920 the Arab leadership drove the locals to a pogrom over “the Jews are going to destroy the mosque”.  In 1929, the same incitement lead to the pogrom and slaughter of Jews in Hebron.  And today it does the same.

Terrorist undershirt emblazoned with the Azz a Din al Qassam terrorist brigade logo, the logo being the Dome of the Rock mosque.

The terrorist young men somehow traveled to Ramat Beit Shemesh – Gimmel, a suburban town 45 minutes outside Jerusalem, the “Gimmel” part being a new neighborhood under construction / partially finished with significant Arab construction workers on site.  One of the oddities of the Israeli situation is that after a few years of no attacks, Israel issues work permits to skilled Arab workers who wish to work in Israel (where pay is double).  After a few years of working, inevitably attacks start and the workers all get restricted or expelled.  Rinse and repeat.  Most likely they hopped an authorized transport van bringing in legally permitted Arab construction workers, though it’s also possible they were authorized workers.

Spotted around 7:30 in the morning, residents called the police about a suspicious pair.  The neighborhood is a religious Jewish one, they stood out.  Police began canvassing the area, with calls continuing to come in as they walked various streets.

Here the story is slightly murky.  They tried to board a children’s school bus, to slaughter the schoolchildren within, and the driver quickly closed the door and drove off – calling the police.  They then entered a synagogue a few steps away, stabbing an 18 year old rabbinical student leaving after morning prayers, then crossed the street to a bus stop and tried to enter a public bus – being repulsed by the passengers – or were waiting at the bus stop, tried to enter the bus and were repulsed by the passengers, then stabbed an 18 year old rabbinical student who had just left the synagogue across the street.

At that moment a police car came around the corner, was flagged down by a passerby, the police jumped out and shot the attackers. (One report says from 50 meters / yards away – which is possible as many Israeli police are now carrying M-16 short rifles on duty.)

IF they had boarded the children’s school bus, we would be looking at 30 dead Jewish children’s bodies.

IF they had boarded the public bus, we would be looking at 4 or more dead innocent civilians.

IF the police had not come around the corner just then, they would have run off and possibly stabbed 2 or 3 more people before being stopped.

Thank G-d the children’s bus driver reacted quickly and closed the door.  Thank G-d the public bus passengers repulsed them.  Thank G-d the police arrived at that moment.

The corner of my block is covered in blood… the blood of an innocent rabbinical student and the blood of 2 Arab terrorists.  My children are shaking.  My office called, am I ok.  My boss called, am I ok.  My cousin called, am I ok.  Thank G-d, we are physically unharmed.

We are not occupation (how can someone be occupied in a place where they never lived?), we are not settlers.  This is the Holy Land of Israel, Gods gift to the Jews as it is written in the Torah (bible, old testament, and even the koran), our ancestral indigenous homeland, Jews have been here for over 3,000 years, are still here, some such as myself returning home, AND WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

May the blood of the terrorists be washed away forever, may their names be blotted out, may their homes be crushed and their families expelled.

(Preliminary reports are one terrorist died of his wounds, the other is being treated in the hospital. The rabbinical student is moderately injured.)



  1. Did not know you had moved to Gimmel. My grandchildren were on the hassah there when that happened. They witnessed the events, still not clear if theirs was the hassah that the terrorists attempted to board. Thank G-d they and all the other passengers of both buses were spared. Our prayers for the young man who was injured, reports I got from a police source say he was not seriously injured.

  2. Ok, now is the time to get and carry a gun. They should have been stopped sooner by someone with a gun.
    Thank G-d you and your family are safe, and nobody else was murdered.
    Where are those foreign workers to replace those murderers?

  3. Glad you and your family are safe!


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