Sunday, October 25, 2015

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When It’s Over

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

When It's Over


     I had to visit Har HaZaeitim (The Mount of Olives) last Wednesday morning. It is our oldest and most holy cemetery. It is directly across from the Temple Mount. More than 150,000 Jewish souls rest there.

     We had to wait outside the Old City for an armed escort to protect us as we drove through the narrow, winding arab streets. With the current wave of stone throwing and stabbings in mind, I looked out of the windows wondering.... When an arab car blocked our way and we were stuck on a narrow arab street I wondered some more.

     At the cemetery, looking at the many graves, I wondered where my bones are going to be placed. Then I wondered about the accounting that my soul is going to face…(oy!) and what I am going to take with me when I go? Only my deeds… all of my deeds.

     When I looked at the photo I saw something quite prophetic. In the lower right-hand corner is my shadow standing there watching while I took the picture…a picture of my shadow leaning over the holy cemetery where my bones will most likely rest.... It looks like my soul hovering over my bones waiting for the next stage in Hashem's plan to unfold. It's as if I am already on my way out of here… but aren't we are all on our way out of here?

     I left the cemetery feeling:

It ain't over when it's over… it keeps going on.




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