Thursday, October 22, 2015


Wake up America! Israel is only the Little Satan

My uncle is visiting from the U.S., for a family simcha and to spend time with his grandchildren.  With a stabbing in the neighborhood, here’s what he has to say about it…

by Dr. Stephen Wachtel, PhD @ Mystical Paths

imageOct. 22. 2015: We had a stabbing in our quiet little town of Bet Shemesh this morning (about 15 miles west of Jerusalem). There is a significant amount of construction here and almost all of the workers are Arabs. In fact there is a building going up next door to the house in which my wife and I are staying, and we are awakened each day to the sound of jackhammers and gibberish. This morning’s attack occurred in Bet Shemesh Gimmel, a new development about two miles away -- on the street where my nephew lives with his wife and kids. Two Arabs attacked a Haredi (ultra-orthodox observant Jew) youth in the street. They stabbed him as he left synagogue following morning services. Police officers neutralized the attackers. One of the Arabs died. The other was critically wounded. The Haredi was treated on scene and transferred to a Jerusalem hospital with multiple knife wounds.

What if Israelis called for businesses to hire only Jews and ban Arab workers? Not a bad idea, but the West would cry ‘foul’ and vilify Jews for excessive use of force and collective punishment.

What was the crime of the Haredi victim? Well -- he was a Jew! And why all this stabbing? Because Arabs hate Jews. And why is that? Because they are taught from early childhood that Jews are the offspring of monkeys and apes and that Jews want to defile their holy sites, and all Jews deserve to die. Because their imams teach regularly that killing Jews is a religious imperative. Because their politicians (Abbas included) talk out of both sides of their mouth, decrying the violence to the Western Press, and promoting it, praising the perpetrators as martyrs to the Arab Press. Because the families of fallen terrorists are lionized and receive cash rewards from Hamas.

Is the violence directed only at Israeli Jews? No way! A Jew is a Jew. Years ago, under the direction of Iran, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad killed dozens of Jews and wounded more than 250 others in an attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That’s 7,500 miles from Jerusalem but -- a Jew is a Jew.

Lest we believe that this hatred and murder is related to Jewish settlements in the so-called West Bank, as the Press would have us believe, the fact is that the status of the territories is disputed and will be determined ultimately, by negotiation.

Wake up America! Israel is only the Little Satan.


  1. everything was going well until the end...there are no "territories" there is Eretz Yisrael, there is nothing in dispute, only in the minds of many Jews in chul and the enemy nations in the world. And, nothing will be decided by negotiation, chas v'shalom! The matter has already been decided by the Creator of the World, HKBH, have you forgotten??

  2. 'And why all this stabbing? Because Arabs hate Jews. And why is that? '

    It's like asking 'why do snakes bite?' or 'why do lions gore?' it's just what they do.

  3. Why are Arabs building Jewish house in the first place? Because you can pay an Arab less than you'd have to pay a Jew. Isn't this the bottom line? What a risk to take to save a few dollars.

  4. The murdering started way before 1929 and there is no change in their outlook. They are and always will be a pere adam, a wild bloodthirsty people, with a warped religion and history.

  5. Akiva, that is such a pretty photo. How many miles long is Bet Shemesh? Is there an aerial view? I need a better perspective.

  6. Somewhat like Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh is built across a series of hilltops and sides of valleys. So "Beit Shemesh" is valley side/hill #1, Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet is valley/side #2, Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef is hill #3, and Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel is hill #4 (in the valley between Gimmel and Alef they are now building a mall).

    You'd have to check Google Maps.


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