Saturday, October 31, 2015


The Orwellian Psychodrama in Israel

by Dr. Stephen S. Wachtel, PhD @ Mystical Paths

I’m writing this on my way back to the States, just now 36,000 feet over Newfoundland and heading southwest towards Maine. ETA, Newark: about two hours.

imageIn Israel the Orwellian psychodrama continues. Had lunch yesterday (October 27, 2015) in Jerusalem and the mood was interesting. Lovers still walk arm in arm, seemingly oblivious to the backdrop, mothers grab their toddlers to keep them from running where they shouldn’t, tourists with umbrellas stop in a light rain to take pictures, portly Arab women in black robes and white hijabs waddle along the sidewalks, a big man with tank top, balding pate and broad goatee strides by, dark glasses and armfuls of muscle, Israeli soldiers with star-war weapons are talking to what looks like an Arab teenager, and the streets are full of people -- locals, tourists, Jews, Christians, Arabs, anyone you can think of, and they’re speaking Hebrew and Arabic and French and English and Spanish and Russian and everyone is going about his or her business as if this is just another day in Paradise. (Photo – Rocket contrail from rocket fired from Gaza to Israel civilian neighborhood.) And it is, except this week we had more rockets from Gaza and more stabbings, and a young Jewish Woman was driving with her children past some Arabs, and they threw a Molotov cocktail into the car, and burned her and her three-year-old daughter.

So Auntie and I and our son and his wife drove from Beit Shemesh through part of the Arab-occupied territories to meet our grandson for lunch at Emek Refaim, a busy thoroughfare full of restaurants and novelty shops. Grandson took a bus to get to meet us.

(Photo – Israeli border police with an Arab teen in Jerusalem . Note the teen is wearing a work shirt for the New Deli kosher submarine sandwich chain in Israel, and it’s a fair assumption he works there.)


That’s right. We drove through part of the ‘West Bank’ and grandson took a bus, even though two Arabs boarded a bus a couple weeks ago and shot and stabbed sixteen people killing at least two, and Jews who drive through Arab neighborhoods run the risk of bullets and firebombs and rocks -- big ones. The Arab terrorists don’t want to see business as usual. They want to see a population cringing in fear, looking anxiously over their shoulders, afraid to leave their homes. And that’s exactly what they don’t see. Israeli life goes on. We go out. We go shopping. We go to the movies. And we do our best to keep a sharp eye out for an Arab with evil in mind.


(Photo – Construction project next to my son’s house with Arab construction workers, including some from the West Bank with work permits.) Trouble is -- Arabs are everywhere. They’re in the backyard, building houses, they’re in the bakeries selling bread and cakes and cookies, they’re on the road driving their cars and motorbikes, and they’re everywhere in the streets, same as everybody else. Hell. Arabs serve in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament!! So how does one differentiate between a would-be perpetrator and an honest Arab citizen? Well, actually, one doesn’t. One maintains a sharp eye, and one makes sure of one’s surroundings.

The attacks are not likely to end soon. John Kerry (U.S. Secretary of State) will not bring peace to the Middle East. In his calls for both sides to reduce tensions, President Obama will not bring peace. The International Press is a Ministry of Propaganda for Arab terrorism. Their lies will not bring peace. The American Press, in its routine savaging of Israel (see the recent article in the Washington Post) will not bring peace.

In the most bizarre twist of truth imaginable, the International Press and the Arabs, blame Israel for the butchery of its Jewish citizens by Arab perpetrators. You read it right. They blame Israel for the butchery of Jews by Arabs. They say the current crisis is caused by the Jewish occupation of ‘Palestine.’ They say it’s because Jews make ‘settlements’ in Arab lands. They say Jews humiliate Arabs at checkpoints throughout the country. They say that Jerusalem is a Muslim holy city (they call it Al Quds). They say the Jews have no historical right to Jerusalem, that Jews want to take over the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, to contaminate it (according to Chairman Abbas) ‘with their dirty feet.’

(Photo – Restaurant in Jerusalem.)


What’s the truth?

Easy to say and easy to validate, although the liberal press and the Arabs assume no will check their lies.

Here it is.

1. There is no country called ‘Palestine.’ Invention of the Palestine statehood myth was a ploy by Yasser Arafat, with the goal of inventing nationhood for displaced Arabs who came westward, originally from Jordan. So-called Palestinian Arabs are indistinguishable from Jordanian Arabs. They wear the same clothing, they speak the same language, they play the same music, they have the same religion. They are the same people.

Israel inherited proprietorship of the West Bank after the 1967 War. Israelis would love to give it back to the Arabs and in fact much of the West Bank, including cities like Bethlehem, Hevron, Ramallah, Jenin and Jericho are left to themselves and have their own administrations and police forces.

2. So-called Jewish ‘settlements’ are thriving cities. Their final status will be determined – according to the Oslo Accords – by negotiation. And by the way, what’s wrong with Jews living in ‘Palestine.’ Arabs live in Israel, and many live quite well. Why must Palestine be Juden-frei?

3. Israeli checkpoints are set up for the protection of its citizens. Charges of ‘collective punishment’ notwithstanding, Jews as well as Arabs are inconvenienced at these checkpoints in the same way that Americans are inconvenienced by the rigorous screening at the nation’s airports, an inconvenience for which we can thank Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yasir Arafat, the inventor of airplane hijacking.

4. Jerusalem is mentioned 700 times in Jewish scripture. It is not mentioned once in the Quran. But Israel takes extraordinary measures to protect the holy sites of all religions -- Christian, Muslim, Druze, Bahai, Jewish. There is no plan to take over the Aqsa Mosque.

5. Palestinian children are taught from earliest childhood that Jews are the offspring of monkeys, dogs and pigs.

6. In their weekly sermons, Muslim preachers (imams) teach that killing of Jews -- all Jews -- any Jew,  anywhere -- is a religious imperative.

7. Those who succeed in murdering Jew are celebrated; their families are rewarded with significant cash bonuses. In his regular addresses in Arabic, Chairman Abbas praises the ‘martyrs.’

8. Hamas, the ruling ‘party’ of the Gaza Strip, calls repeatedly for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

9. This past week, ISIS distributed a video, in which a masked terrorist speaks to the Jews -- in Hebrew. The message? ‘We are coming for you. We will destroy you. We will eradicate you.’

10. The Arab hatred of Jews is no recent thing and cannot reasonably be attributed to checkpoints or settlements. There were no checkpoints or settlements in 1929, when an Arab mob hacked to death sixty-seven Jews including seminary students and their teachers, in a bloodthirsty massacre in Hebron that left hundreds wounded and maimed. The attack was triggered by a rumor that Jews wanted to take control of the Aqsa Mosque. Sound familiar?

There were no checkpoints or settlements during World War II when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Adolph Hitler, called for the murder of Jews, and helped organize Nazi Muslim Army Units to help Hitler do it.

11. So why do the Arabs hate Jews? Because Jews are creative and innovative. Because Israel is second only to the United States in the number of its start-up companies, because Israel -- despite all the threats, despite the fact that it remains at war with Syria, despite the ever-present rockets and mortars, and despite the current outbreak of stabbings and fire-bombings and rock and auto attacks -- Israel -- is a burgeoning economy, a world leader in biotechnology, medical technology, information systems technology, computer software production and military equipment. Because Israel has world-class museums and orchestras. Because Israel has universities, colleges and research institutes that rival the finest in the United States and Europe. Because Muslims, representing twenty percent of the world’s population have won a handful of Nobel prizes whereas Jews, representing  0.2 percent of the world’s population, have won more than twenty-two percent of all Nobel Prizes. (One of the so-called Muslim laureates was Sir Peter Medawar, an Englishman born in Brazil  to an English mother and a Lebanese Christian father. Medawar was the mentor of my Department Chairman at the University of Pennsylvania. And Peter Medawar was no Muslim.)

Why do they hate us? Because, with God’s help, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) defeated the combined armies of Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in the Six Day War of 1967. Because Israel fought alone, and the Arabs had combat support from Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Why do they hate us? Because, with God’s help, the IDF defeated the armies of Egypt and Syria in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Because Israel fought alone, and the Arabs had combat support from Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Cuba, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Kuwait and North Korea.

Why do they hate us? Because, with God’s help, Israel has won every military encounter with the Arabs since they first attacked Israel on the day it was born. Because, in a legendary operation, Israeli commandos rescued Air France passengers hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and held in the airport at Entebbe, Uganda. Because in another legendary operation, IDF pilots destroyed the French-built Osirak atomic reactor eighteen miles south of Bagdad, Iraq.

(Photo – Jerusalem under construction.  Cranes and construction everywhere all over Israel.)


Today: Israel is full of cranes. Everywhere one looks, one sees cranes -- cranes and bulldozers, hills being flattened, roads being dug, buildings bursting heavenward. Construction, construction, construction. Innovation. Invention. With or without the help of the nations, the Jewish people will survive the murders. It will survive because the Jewish people is a moral people, because God is Just, and because the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps (Psalm 121).



  1. Israel is being buried-alive under an
    avalanche of media bias and false accusations.

    These web sites can help refute those
    biases and false accusations:





    ************************************************ [not com]

  2. You're preaching to the choir, as the saying goes. Problem is, the Arabs are also preaching to their choir. The question is, what does one do with these Amalekites? Kill one and you create two more, like the Lernean Hydra. If Israel is stuck in the role of Hercules, then who is Iolaus? It's not the USA! The root of the problem is a systemic one within the human condition. To kill the Lernean Hydra, Hercules (with the help of Iolaus) removed and destroyed the eight mortal heads of the beast and chopped off the ninth, immortal head. That immortal head is the Yetzer Ha-Ra and only Ha-Shem can remove the Evil Inclination from the human equation.

    How can Klal Yisrael tame the Yetzer Ha-Ra of these Arabs, when so many Jews refuse to tame their own inner-Amalek? It's not the job of Mashiach to fix everyone's problems for them. Each of us must accomplish our own tikkun nefesh (soul correction) and in so doing we help repair the world (tikkun olam).

    Hillel the Elder had the answer to the question ... how does Klal Yisrael overcome the Pagans and their influence and their hostility to the Jewish people? Hillel says like this, "Be disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving people and drawing them near the Torah."

    The only thing that will alter the perception of these Arabs is Divine Chesed, like when R. Gutman Locks helped the Arab boy with his heavy load. Forget exchanging land for peace. Forget about the Two-State solution. These aren't solutions! Yes, carry a gun, remain vigilant, protect yourself and others, but when and where you can be a conduit through which Ha-Shem's Divine Chesed can flow unabated. That's the only way to tame mankind's inner-Amalek and if one dies a martyr to Kiddush Ha-Shem, then so be it. One can't draw another to Torah if they don't see you actualizing the Torah is your dealings with your fellow man.

    Tell me that I've got it all wrong. Tell me that I've totally misunderstood the tenets of Judaism and Hasidism. Tell me that I don't have to devote my life to bitul (Self-Nullification). Tell me there's another way. Tell me that I shouldn't take the "long but short way."

  3. Earlier today I started to answer this post, but it got long enough to be an article, and I didn't want to burden your comment section. So, here it is:

    Orwellian Language Regarding Israel

    Many thanks.


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