Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Purity & Truth

by RABBI NATI @ Mystical Paths

In 2 weeks (15th of Cheshvan) it's going to be the 2,180'th Yartezheit of Matithyahu ben Yochanan HaCohen HaGadol. Matitiyahu is the Jewish Warrior who fought for the Purity (continued existence) of the Jewish people / Jewish nation / G-d’s Torah.

Matithyahu the Maccabi is known all over the World to this very day for standing up to the oppressive global military superpower of his time and being victorious. 2180 is the Gematria of "VehitKadishtem Viheyitem Kedoshim (Sanctify Yourselves, and be Holy!)" This Commandment regarding our Purity/ Connection to God as a People is found in Leviticus 11:44 . 1 144 symbolizes one Truth (1, and 144 which is the numerical equivalent of Emeth).

Please purify yourselves (detox your body, detox your mind....time to fill up on REAL nutrition). Israel has always represented the Purity of Human Consciousness. The forces of impurity have always tried to extinguish the pure flames of our passionate dedication to the Truth....please do something about what is happening to the Jewish People all over the World! Please strive to regain Purity, to regain your Life.... (y)our purity is what will Light up the the world, and nullify all the darkness going on all around us.

May God bless and protect us.


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