Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Palestinian Assualted by Bus Stop, Chops His Way Through

The video below (and at this link) is one of the most horrific things I have ever seen…and this murderous attack happened less than 2 miles from where I am sitting (in Jerusalem).

Let me tell you what I see (and you may want to skip the GRAPHIC video)…

An Arab “Palestinian” resident of Jerusalem and worker for the Israeli phone company, in his company car, accelerates the car to maximum speed running over 4 people when ramming a bus stop.  He then jumps out of the car with a Butcher Meat Cleaver, and proceeds to chop to death two Jewish rabbis who were merely struck by the car (instead of being run over and crushed).

He is then confronted by an armed security guard who has run over, and continues chopping his victim to death at threat of being shot.  He is then shot, and STILL CONTINUES chopping his victim to death (rather than even attempting to defend himself or run away).  He is shot again, falls, then again grabs his meat cleaver attempting another chop at his victim.  Shot again, again tries to grab his cleaver and this time lunge at the security guard, shot again.  (I seriously wonder if either the guard has a very low caliber gun or the Arab was hyped up on drugs to not feel the pain/image/shock of being shot – a terrorism technique from Iraq and Afghanistan).

That’s what I see (video embedded below).  HERE’S WHAT THE “PALESTINIAN” PRESS and people have (probably) written about this incident…

“A Palestinian worker lost control of his poorly maintained Jewish company car, unable to control the acceleration slammed into a bus stop injuring him.  He was then shot to death by the Jews when he stumbled from the car, for a car accident!”


  1. What a strange title you gave to your post?????????

    "Murderous Arab rams car into civilians; hacks two Jews to death with a meat cleaver"

  2. I was just following the pattern of BBC World News, The Independent (London), and CNN. Here's a real life example... "Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two" (the "Palestinian" having been in the process of murdering those two plus others). Here's a past example from CNN, "4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians killed in synagogue attack, Israeli police say" (where the 2 Palestinians had just shot 13 murdering 4, and where subsequently killed in a police shootout.)

    So I thought that's how it's done!

  3. Yes, the idiocy is rampant!

    And because it is diametrically opposed to all that Is all good, we know it's from Shamayim directed toward us Jews in order to get us to do (more) teshuva!

  4. Gam zu l'tovah, right? Charity and acts of loving-kindness atone for a multitude of sins, right? Would giving to a charity like Save A Child's Heart, where Israeli doctors save Muslim children, prevent the death of another Jew? Do you think a child like that would grow up wanting to kill Jews? Is killing the Amalekite with kindness a bad idea?


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