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In Palestinian Fanatasy Land

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, the Jews arrived in Israel just last year with the goal of stealing Palestinian land.

In the real world, Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel for 3,000 years, and the vast majority Arab population itself arrived over the last 100 years in response to increasing Jewish presence and the economic opportunities (and theft and attack opportunities) that came with the Jews.  And while many Jews have indeed returned to their ancestral homeland, at least 50% of those returnees were forcibly expelled from Arab countries (with loss of property and, in some cases, loss of life). 

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, the Jews are just one more attack from leaving Israel en masse.

In the real world, the Jewish population of Israel has increased 10x since the founding of the State of Israel.  And while many Israelis have emigrated for opportunities not available in Israel, Israel’s innovative industries developed due to Arab attacks have increased opportunities in Israel.  The many Jews who’s families are historically from Israel, plus those who’s families were forcibly expelled from Arab countries, have no where to “leave” to anyway.  And in any case, there are now generations and generations of Jews who have grown up in their ancestral and renewed homeland (and only carry Israeli citizenship).  The Jews aren’t going anywhere, and most couldn’t even if they wanted to.

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have lived in the Land of Israel since 14,000 BCE.

In the real world, there is some evidence of stone age humans in Israel, but the earliest signs of civilization are in Mesopotamia around 7,000 year ago.  Now if the Palestinians are identifying themselves as uncivilized stone age humans, who am I to disagree?  Yet as documented in the book From Time Immemorial, the vast majority of Arabs in Israel (or Gaza or West Bank) themselves arrived less than 80 years ago as a migrant workforce.

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque have existed for 14,000 years, and nothing else ever stood there.

In the real world, on the Temple Mount are the remains of the first Jewish Temple built by Shlomo HaMelech (King Solomon), the second Jewish Temple build by King Herod, a 3rd century church, a 5th century synagogue, all before Islam existed and the mosques were later built.  On an interesting note, the mosque complex on the Temple Mount was pretty much in ruins and ignored by the Islamic world UNTIL the modern State of Israel came into being.

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, the Jews are denying the Palestinians their rights by not giving them everything Israel has.  They are owed jobs, houses, health care, cars, TVs, education, universities, water and sewage systems, electricity, roads, farms, animals, and a really good internet connection.

In the real world, the United Nations, European Union, and the United States have given the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians over 10x more money EVERY SINGLE YEAR than all other refugees in the world COMBINED.  And therefore THEY HAVE houses, health care, TVs, free education, free universities, water and sewage systems, electricity, roads, farms, and animals.  But it’s not enough.

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, Palestinians are being killed (by Israel) or dying (due to…well, I’m not sure, because they don’t have enough free something or other).  GENOCIDE!!!

In the real world, Palestinian Arabs have the HIGHEST life expectancy in the Arab world – even higher than very rich Saudi Arabia.  If this is genocide, the Israelis really really suck at it.

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, incitement, attacks, murder, rockets, all these bring good things.

In the real world, they are right!  Whenever throwing a murderous tantrum, the world gives and gives them.  But each challenge has forced Israel to develop new solutions, skills, and industries for survival – motivating Israel’s drive to success. 

In Palestinian Fantasy Land™, all Palestinians believe in Fantasy Land.  They’re drinking their own KoolAid, reading their own propaganda, believing their own news.

In the real world, CNN and the BBC are reporting from Palestinian Fantasy Land™!  And a portion of the public in England, and a smaller bit in the U.S., is buying it!

Of course, the Iranians have a peace treaty to sell you and it’s being bought!

Hashem Ya’a’zor!


  1. Now wait a minute, don't the Rabbis and our Torah state the world as we know it will last only 6000 years, and we are at 5776 right now. So where do you get 7000 years from?
    Plus I do believe some Arabs lived on our land for many many years.

  2. @Neshama

    My thoughts:

    The world is 5776 years old, but there is enough thought to suggest that the first week in the world's history, was not comprised of 24 hour long days as we know them, but much longer periods of time.

    The Arabs only left the Arabian peninsula in the 7th Century, so any people living in Israel before that were not Arabs.

  3. Neshama,
    As you state, the common Torah position is that the world is 5776 years old - though this is a calculated result by later authorities (nowhere in the Tanach does it state the age of the world). Regardless, modern archaeology says the first history of civilization is around 7,000 years ago. Given that answer (science) could come out at 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000, it's interesting for it's closeness to the Torah answer, and that by all modern science accounts humankind seemed to make a sudden jump from smart animals to verbal / written / village/town/city groupings around 7-9,000 years ago.

    The estimated population of Israel from 1500 - 1900 is approximately 200,000 for the whole land. From 1850 to 1945 the Arab population increased 8x. Impossible by birthrates, that's immigration.

  4. Two objections. The Moslems kept up the mosques on the Temple Mount under the Ottomans, meaning up through modern times. There was a time when the Temple Mount was used as a garbage heap and purposefully left a ruined the Byzantines. One of the first acts of the Moslems when they captured Jerusalem 1300 years ago was in fact to force the Byzantine clergy to clean the Mount.

    Second, the Palestinians are not strangers to the land as you imply. Some of them were immigrants, but many are from the local tribes and villages which have been in the Land for centuries, descendants of the Gentiles who lived in the Land in the age of the Talmud, and mixed in with them in ancestry are those Jews of the Talmudic era and before, who chose not to cleave to the Torah, but instead abandoned and assimilated into the surrounding pagan population.

  5. @Neshama - Isaac ben Samuel of Acre (fl. 13th–14th century), a Jewish kabbalist and a pupil of Nahmanides, calculated that the age of our universe (the emanation called "malchut"?) thusly:

    Take the Jewish calendar year (presently 5776) and multiply it by a Sabbatical Cycle of 7, which gives us a total of 40,432 Sabbatical yrs.

    Psalms 90:4 has it that 1,000 years is 1 day in the sight of Ha-Shem; hence, we take the 365.25 days of the solar year and multiply it by 1,000 Divine years, which gives us a total of 365,250 Divine years.

    Now we simply multiply the aforementioned 40,432 Sabbatical yrs. by 365,250 Divine yrs, which gives us a total for the current age of the universe = 14,767,788,000 yrs old.

    As of 2013, using the latest models for stellar evolution, the estimated age of the oldest known star is 14.46 ± 0.8 billion years. No, it's not rocket science, but it's what the Jewish mystics of the Middle Ages had to work with.

    Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan has it that when the Jewish calendar reaches the year 6000 C.E. (on 1 October 2239), the age of the universe will be 15,340,500,000 yrs old. (6,000 x 7 = 42,000 x 365,250 = 15,340,500,000). I guess time will tell.

    How can the universe age 572M years in the span of a mere 224 solar years? I'm not sure. It could have something to do with the rate our universe is expanding (i.e., a rate of 68 km/s per megaparsec. 1 megaparsec equals 3.3M light years).

  6. While the Arabs are in Palestinian Fantasyland, some of us Jews still got the flu...hopefully fewer all the time.

    The Jew Flu: The Strange Illness of Jewish anti-Semitism

    Refuah Shleimah!

  7. Londonmale, re "The Arabs only left the Arabian peninsula in the 7th Century, so any people living in Israel before that were not Arabs."
    Didn't Abraham Avinu father a multitude of peoples, as the Torah says. And remember Yishmael, the father of the yishmaelim, Arabs. And they lived near Avraham, who would go periodically to check on his son, Yishmael. So they also lived in the land the same as Yitzchak and Yaakov, even though the story shifts to Eisav when discussing Yaakov.

    Avraham and Ketura parented many nations.

    Jewish history began with Avraham, and the length of this history may only be 6000 years, regardless of how old the world is. Yes the world could be much older, but we are mainly concerned with our history and the arrival of Mashiach. It does say that G-d created and destroyed ....etc.

  8. @Neshama

    We do not know that the Yishmaelites lived in the land of Israel, only that Yishmael and Hagar did so, and then, only for a certain time.
    The descriptions of the Yishmaelites in the story of Yoseph are as a wandering people.
    It is believed even by the Arabs themselves that Avraham visited Arabia (and built the Ka'aba) so if he lived near Yishmael it could have been there rather than in Israel.

    We do know that the Arabs expanded under Muhammad as a conquering army, over 1600 years after we returned to Israel under Yehoshua.


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