Friday, October 16, 2015


Hear that Attacks should bring Teshuva

by RABBI NATI @ Mystical Paths

שר ישמעאל = שמע ישראל

Sar Yishmoel = Shema Israel (HEAR or Listen Israel)

The prince of Yishmoel or minister of, angel of Yishmoel = shema israel

שר ישמעאל        (ש) ר יש (מע) אל
Take the shin from sar. And the mem ayin from Yishmoel.  Ok your left with shin mem ayin.

That's shema, the word for (listen) in the command form. To hear. The letters left over are Yisrael.

It's a sign from Hashem that Yishmoel (the biblical progenitor of the Arab nations) is here to get us – the Jewish people - to listen to Hashem (G-d).  That all our troubles with Yishmoel – the Arabs (the “Palestinains”) is only to our attention.  It's a message that we are in opposition to Hashem's Torah. 

Yishmoel is said to be PERE ADOM (wild uncontrollable man) 'REBELLIOUS'. That is his base mida rah, his evil character trait. And has been sent to show us where we are gone wrong.   The cure is (bitual to nullify ourselves and take up the yoke of), to return to the Torah of Hashem.  All this coming on us this close to Simchas HaTorah is a clear sign from Hashem for us who believe to repent, return and reconnect.  Are we trying to solve a spiritual problem with political, military or financial solutions?


  1. While we need physical solutions, we also need spiritual solutions. The solution in mention in Tehillim, Naviim and so on....

    What we each work on is up to us. There is something that we can do to make a difference, whether it's with Shabbos, middos, prayer, etc.

  2. Very nice Nati. Now, how do we broadcast this to Tel Aviv et al.

    Rav Kanievsky shlit"a said to use a loudspeaker; who is willing to drive around and do so? You, Nati?


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