Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Fear of the word “woman”?

2015-08-21 002

The sign reads “Women’s Health Center”.  The word for women has been burned away.  (The person pictured has nothing to do with this and just happened to be walking by when I snapped the picture.)

This is an ultra-orthodox Jewish enclave.  The members of the community strive to be extremely scrupulous in the commandments of G-d and adherence to all aspects and stringencies of Jewish religious law and practice.  This includes modesty.  The health system medical organizations have accommodated their community standards by creating separate clinics for men and women (while some might complain this is some type of discrimination, I say this is the medical organization meeting the expectations of the local market – and there is competition between the 4 Israeli health systems, so meeting community expectations means the people join your system.)

In this case some zealot has simply lost his marbles, equating modesty with avoiding the word woman.  If men were to start wandering into the clinic because it no longer was able to externally identify itself as a women’s clinic, the zealot will not only not have improved community practice, he will have directly made it worse.  Even more so if women of the community deny themselves needed medical services because they don’t know there is a local clinic for them and a more distant clinic may be inconvenient.

The Yetzer Hara, the Evil Inclination, must get a kick out of having one this one. 


  1. Indeed the Yetzer ha Ra must be an intimate friend to the one who did that and also removes female images from magazines and ads as well as forces women to sit in the back of a public bus.
    And where are the voices of outraged women in regard to this?
    It's only a sound of vacuous silence....

  2. It makes you wonder what their Sifrei Torah look like. They're going to have particular fun this Shabbos.

  3. Orthodox Jewish women are coerced to take on a low profile. 'He shall rule over her' is very much the order of the day, and most orthodox women quietly and tacitly accept this. There is occasionally a backlash to this, where maverick Jewish women 'fight' back somewhat but usually succumb in the end. Orthodox Jewish modesty protocol nowadays is a religion in itself.

  4. Personally, I believe their obsessive extrem-ism (remember what this "ism" means = false religion) is the cause of sexual abuse of both children and adults.


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