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East Coast Hurricane & Hoshana Rabbah

by Dov bar Leib with edits & minor additions by Reb Akiva

imageA hurricane that is about to hit the U.S. East Coast on Hoshana Rabbah (the day of the sealing of the judgement for the new Jewish year), the likely predictions place the strike around the vicinity of Washington DC or New York City.

The hurricane has randomly been assigned the name of Joaquin, the English bible translation of the name Yehoiachin.  Yehoiachin is named the last undisputed King of Yehudah (Yehoiachin) who was most assuredly the ancestor of Mashiach ben David.....If this is true, this is truly awesome.

Hurricane Yoaquin? I doubt it is named after Joaquin Andujar, the One Tough Dominican pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals who starred in the 1982 World Series, though even if that is the case it’s a common custom in Latino nations to use biblical names – bringing us back to King Yehoiachin.

King Yehoiachin, the last undisputed King of Yehudah, sat on the Throne of Yehudah and who was/is most assuredly the ancestor of Mashiach. He was let out of prison by Babylonian King Evil Merodach 37 years after being exiled to Bavel (Babylon). At that time he had 7 sons. His first born Shealtiel became the ancestor of the Exilarchs in Galut. His third son, Pedaiah fathered Zerubavel, who made Aliyah with the 42,000 to rebuild Yerushalayim and the 2nd Temple. Of those two, Shealtiel or Zeruvbavel, there is a dispute over who is the ancestor of Mashiach, but with Yehoiachin there is no dispute - the last few verses of Sefer Melachim make that obvious.

Cursed by (the biblical prophet Jeremiah) Yirmiyahu to remain childless and to have no children who rule on the Throne of Yehudah in his lifetime, Yehoiachin is let out of prison 37 years after being exiled and summarily gives birth to 7 boys, any one of whom can be the ancestor of Mashiach ben David.

A hidden message from above when a hurricane named for an ancestor of the righteous redeemer is targeting either New York (and the U.N.) or Washington DC or the day of the sealing of judgments is not hard to discern.

May we merit to see the coming of Moshiach today!

Chag Samayach and Moadim l’Simcha, a happy holy day season from the Land of Israel!


  1. If Yehoiachin was cursed to remain childless, how is it that he had sons, and how it is possible that they could be heir's to the Throne of Dovid??


    Here is the quote from Yirmiyahu 22:
    ל כֹּה אָמַר יְהוָה, כִּתְבוּ אֶת-הָאִישׁ הַזֶּה עֲרִירִי--גֶּבֶר, לֹא-יִצְלַח בְּיָמָיו: כִּי לֹא יִצְלַח מִזַּרְעוֹ, אִישׁ יֹשֵׁב עַל-כִּסֵּא דָוִד, וּמֹשֵׁל עוֹד, בִּיהוּדָה. {פ} 30 Thus saith the LORD: Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days; for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah. {P}

    Yet, in First Divrei HaYamim 3 we see the following:

    יז וּבְנֵי יְכָנְיָה אַסִּר, שְׁאַלְתִּיאֵל בְּנוֹ. 17 And the sons of Jeconiah (Jehoiachin)--the same is Assir--Shealtiel his son;
    יח וּמַלְכִירָם וּפְדָיָה, וְשֶׁנְאַצַּר, יְקַמְיָה הוֹשָׁמָע, וּנְדַבְיָה. 18 and Malchiram, and Pedaiah, and Shenazzar, Jekamiah, Hoshama, and Nedabiah.
    יט וּבְנֵי פְדָיָה, זְרֻבָּבֶל וְשִׁמְעִי; וּבֶן-זְרֻבָּבֶל מְשֻׁלָּם וַחֲנַנְיָה, וּשְׁלֹמִית אֲחוֹתָם. 19 And the sons of Pedaiah: Zerubbabel, and Shimei. And the sons of Zerubbabel: Meshullam, and Hananiah; and Shelomith was their sister;

    Part of the curse actually was realized. Yehoiachin had no descendants who sat on his thrown "in his days". But in the next generation 37 years later, when he could have children who would then have children who would then have children in a state of Galut for...2448 years (see Ya'ak), his personal curse was lifted so that he would heir the ancestors of Mashiach ben David. The first part of his curse was realized though. He had to repent for a full generation just to have the privilege of having children who would ultimately bear Mashiach. That is how powerful teshuvah can be after repenting for 37 years. It can annul the curse of one of the greatest of prophets.

  3. Just an interesting note about the Spanish language. My daughter's name is Chanita. She was in a program with some Hispanics this summer in the United States. They kept calling her Quanita. Even after correcting them, they kept calling her Quanita. From that we learned that the guttural Chet or Chaf in Spanish is spelled or pronounced Qu. So Joaquin is obviously Joachin.

  4. It was a "Biblical" Flood in the Carolinas brought on by Yehoiachin, a Cat. 4 storm spinning offshore slowly moving up the Coast. It may have to do with the legitimate land claims of the Cherokee nation who was expelled from South Carolina over 180 years ago. BUT at least with regards to Israel, they are not hypocrites there. South Carolina is one of the most pro-Israel states in the US, whose Republican voters chose Newt Gingrich in the Republican Primary back in 2012 after he called the Palestinians an invented people at the Republican Foreign Policy debate. So you don't hear much talk of the Jews in Israel living on stolen land in South Carolina. So at least, and this is important, they are not hypocrites in South Carolina. All this leaves me wondering...Why did this "Messianic" storm target the Carolinas on Hoshana Rabbah with a Flood that it has not seen in over 1000 years? This secret lies with G-d Alone.


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