Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Direct Your Heart

by Reb Gutman Locks

Direct Your Heart

     The Torah calls all of our offerings to Hashem, be they the most expensive animal offerings, or even the simplest, least expensive meal offerings, a "sweet savor." The Mishna explains that this comes to "teach you that it is the same whether a man offers much or little, so long as he directs his heart to Heaven."[i] This explicitly tells us that directing our hearts is an essential aspect of the mitzvah.

     Of course, each of the physical details of the mitzvah must be correct, exactly as commanded, but if we want to receive more than the physical awareness of the results of doing the mitzvah, we have to direct our attention to the Holy One Who has commanded us to do that act. It is not enough to merely fulfill the physical details of the mitzvah. We are told that we have to purposely set our hearts, which means to consider the greatness of the One Who in His kindness has instructed us to do these acts.




[i] Minacot 13:11



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