Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Thank You–Charity Campaign

I’ve been a bit remiss in not reporting on our charity campaign earlier…

THANK YOU for contributing to our Rosh Hashana charity campaign.  As we stated, this year we directed our funding to the Tomche Shabbos of Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel, Israel, which was started and organized by my daughter together with a few other members of the community.


Tomche Shabbos is a community based charity that delivers weekly food packages to those in need, and is locally organized within various religious Jewish communities around the world.  (I asked why food packages and not money – after all, many people in need are drowning in various debts.  The answer – some people in needy situations may be misusing money [for example for alcohol].  By giving food, you are assured that money is not misused, and if the children are going hungry you are directly helping them.)


Through the very generous donations of our readers and others who received the request as an email, YOU enabled Tomche Shabbos of Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel Israel to provide weekly food packages to 12 families for 2 weeks, in addition to providing a small financial assistance envelope to 3 desperate families.


“We try to deliver packages anonymously, just putting them down in front of the door.  We don’t want anyone to be embarrassed in receiving charity.  In one case the children were sitting outside the door…they hadn’t eaten and were waiting (hoping) patiently for a package to arrive.  For them, YOU were their malachim (angels) from above.”

Starting a new food based charity is hard.  Besides donations, volunteers are needed to purchase the food (once volumes are high, bulk orders for delivery can be made – but when volumes are low, sending shopping teams to discount groceries is the approach), prepare food packages, and then deliver the packages.  Big credit to those involved in volunteering, and TO YOU FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE with donations!

Thank you, and may Hashem bless you abundantly for helping.


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