Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Israel–Constantly Growing

Israel’s growth has slowed, the economists say, only 3.2% this quarter (down from 3.5%).  While the rest of the world economies have been in recession, or mini-depression, or recovery where more people don’t get jobs and wages don’t go up (only stocks go up), Israel continues to grow… not too fast, not too slow.

2015-08-24 001

Everywhere you go, construction, delays (due to construction), new buildings, and construction.

Above, the new hospital building at Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Israel.

Amazing blessings from Hashem.


  1. Baruch HaShem, what a treasure we are living in.
    Chag Samayach
    Mo'adim l'simcha. Hagim uzmanim l'sasson!

  2. It really is incredible that even though we do indeed have economic growth, the newspapers here are screaming to fire the government because growth has decreased in the last quarter.

  3. Mi gov't salary hasn't Bin upgraded in ages, which IS why Adulterous Gring@s Protesting for Beitter Wages iS irksome

    Israel Ascending consoles, although i would prefer competent guardianship further east-north:

  4. I wish the Israelis would just forget about Jordan and the West Bank PA and start building the Red Sea/Dead Sea Canal Project, which give Israel the water they need to flush the Jordan River and provide water for new settlements in the Negev.


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